thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Day – We’ll Never Forget

Dear my friend, Thank you very much for the kind support all through the past time. With Thanksgiving Day is approaching, we would like to

how to choose the tool holder

How To Choose The Tool Holder Of The Machine Correctly?

Precision machine tools with advanced cutting tools provide excellent metal cutting productivity. The tool holder is the key interface between the cutting tool and the


How to set up the programming with G32, G76, G92?

G32 program reference: O0111; G00G99G97M03S500F0.3; (thread knife) T0101; X32.0Z5.0; G00X14.1; G32X29.1Z-42.0F0.2; G00X32.0; Z5.0; (1st cutting) G00X12.9; G32X27.9Z-42.0F0.2; G00X32.0 Z5.0; (2nd cutting) G00X12.9; G32X27.9Z-42.0F2.0; G00X32.0 Z5.0;

How to choose

How to choose a universal milling machine?

Many users do not know how to choose the universal milling machine they need correctly. Today we will talk about how to choose to the

How to choose

How To Choose The Most Suitable Machine Tools For Household Use?

Many mechanical engineers and mechanical enthusiasts like to redress and repair some mechanical products at home or make some very clever works. This not only

rolling bearing

Technical Knowledge — The Demand For Bearings In The Machine Tool Industry

A rolling-element bearing, also known as a rolling bearing, is a bearing which carries a load by placing rolling elements (such as balls or rollers)

engine lathe

New Product (11) – Heavy Duty Engine Lathe CW61125Q

Specification The machine can perform various turning work, such as end face, external cylindrical surface, turning inner holes, cutting of various threads in Metric, Whitworth,


Exhibition News – 2019 China Yiwu ME Expo

WMT CNC Industrial Co., Ltd is going to the China Yiwu International Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo during Nov. and warmly welcome you to visit our

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