up milling

Down Milling VS Up Milling

In CNC machining, the rotation direction of the milling cutter is generally constant, but the feed direction is changed. There are two common phenomena in

chinese lunar year

The Year of the Rat is coming. Happy Chinese Lunar Year!

The Chinese calendar is divided into 12 year cycles, in which each year is represented by a different animal. The rat, the animal for the

Flat Bed CNC Lathe

New Product (14) – CK0620A CNC Lathe Machine

 CK0620A CNC lathe is a practical and economical lathe developed according to the actual needs of the majority of machining users. Simple and practical,

servo spindle

The Difference Between CNC Machine Tool Servo Spindle And Variable Frequency Spindle

Do you know the differnece between the servo spindle and variable frequency spindle? The difference in concept. At present, the primary control of the FANUC

swiss type lathe

What is swiss type lathe machine?

Origin and development   Swiss tyepe cnc lathe originated in Switzerland and Germany. The swiss tyepe lathe machine at that time was used for the

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