russia exhibition

Exhibition News – METALLOOBRABOTKA 2020, Russia

Metalloobrabotka is an exhibition related to Equipment, Instruments, and Tools for the Metalworking Industry. Integrated technologies based on high-performance machines, tools, and equipment for the

pipe threading lathe machine

How to choose a suitable pipe threading lathe machine in China?

Pipe threading lathe also named pipe thread lathe, oil country lathe.It is suitable for processing all kinds of oil sleeve parts, pipe coupling parts, drill

vertical milling machine

What is the difference between vertical milling and horizontal milling?

Milling is a common machining process that involves the use of a machine, known as a milling machine, to remove material from a stationary workpiece

cylindrical grinder

What is cylindrical grinding and centerless grinding? How do they both differ?

Cylindrical grinding is usually done between centers by means of one grinding wheel. A centerless incorporates the use of two wheels, the regulating wheel, and

What is Lathe machine application

What are the specifications of lathe machine?

Lathe It is probably the oldest machine tool, stemming from the early tree lathe, which was turned by a rope passed around the work a

milling cutters

Do you know the three principles of milling cutter selection?

Milling cutters are rotary tools with one or more teeth for milling. During work, each cutter tooth intermittently cuts off the remainder of the workpiece.

machining center

Our Saudi Arabia Customer Purchased Double Column Machining Center SP1325

Our Saudi Arabia customer purchased Double Column Machining Center SP1325 last month. Now our engineer test this machine before shipment. Here are photos of the

March expo 2020

Machinery Invitation from WMTCNC Promotion _March Expo

One of the largest annual international shopping festivals—— March EXPO now is underway. At the same time, our new products are also on the shelves.

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