Surface Grinding Machine – SGA3063

Surface Grinding Machine – SGA3063

Surface Grinding Machine – SGA3063
The well-designed structure have good rigidity and keeps the machine with high accuracy. The oil temperature increases low after long working.


Specification SGA-3063AH/AHR/AHD
Table size(WxL) 305x635mm
Max.longitudinal travel 765mm
Cross travel 340mm
Max.distance from spindle center to table 580mm
Magnetic chuck size 300x600mm
Speed of table longitudinal movement 7-23m/min
Table transerve movement/ Auto feed 0.1-8mm/min
Table transerve movement/ Repid speed 990mm/min
Table transerve movement/ Feed of handlwheel 0.02mm/div.
Wheelhand vertical movement/ Auto feed (H/R mode)0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05
(only for D model)mm/stroke
Wheelhand vertical movement/Repid speed (H mode)610(only for R model)480
(only for D model)mm/min
Wheelhand vertical movement/ Feed of handlwheel 0.005mm/div.
Grinding wheel Speed 50HZ 1450rmp
Grinding wheel Speed 60HZ 1750rpm
Grinding wheel (ODxWxID) Size 350x40x175mm
Spindle motor 4/5.5kw
Hydranlic Motor 2.2kw
Cooling pump motor 0.09kw
Elevating motor (Hmode)0.25(Rmode)
0.5(D mode servo motor)kw
Cross feed Motor 0.04kw
Max.loading capacity of table
(include magnetic chuck)
Total rated Power 7.5/9kw
Height of machine 1890mm
Floor space 2900x2200mm
Gross weight 2800kg
Packing dimensions(LxWxH) 2315x2220x2230mm

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