Congratulations on the Successful Closing Ceremony for the New WMTCNC Plant

Congratulations on the Successful Closing Ceremony for the New WMTCNC Plant

>The factory was upgraded, and the golden day was capped

On the afternoon of January 15, 2024, the new factory of Anhui DAASCNC Technology Co., Ltd. was capped! This is a major progress of the company’s new factory project, and DAASCNC and WMTCNC have taken a big step forward towards the goal of a better vision.

After countless days and nights of fine construction, brick by brick and tile of ingenuity, DAASCNC new factory capping ceremony officially opened. The chairman and managers led the management team and all members to participate in the capping ceremony to witness this glorious moment.

Under the common witness of the onsite employees, they held the salute and saluted for DAASCNC‘s new factory together. Along with the last bucket of cement, it was lifted off by the tower crane and sent to the roof. The onsite saluted, and the new factory roof capping ceremony was successful!

>The future is in store

The new factory of WMTCNC not only represents the achievement of a stage, but also means that WMTCNC open a new page.

Until the relevant departments of the company and the project construction, supervision, survey and other units closely cooperate, effectively ensure the smooth completion of the project, successful delivery and early production, and help WMTCNC high-quality, high-yield sustainable development.

In the future, WMTCNC will base itself on the field of CNC machine tools, serve the world, and create a new chapter in intelligent manufacturing, CNC technology and other fields!

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