WMTCNC丨Special holiday events:To all the company’s female colleagues care

WMTCNC丨Special holiday events:To all the company’s female colleagues care

March 8 – This is the annual International Women’s Day. On this day, we extend our holiday wishes to all women.

However, in this network society, women are more and more likely to be labeled or pushed to the center of the topic. We do not advocate feminism or feminism; we advocate but also hope that on this day, every woman can be themselves, enjoy life, enjoy a good day, and please themselves is the best gift.

Therefore, the company organized a special caring event on this particular occasion—participants: All women at WMTCNC.

We set the activity at the beautiful Pingtian Lake, a famous scenic spot in Chizhou, Anhui Province, China.

(Source: Photography Rao Yi & Chen Yifeng “Sky mirror”)

>Take pictures and punch in at the park

The scenery of Pingtian Lake is stunning, with a green lawn, blue sky, and a green lake. All our female employees gather here to take photos and punch in as souvenirs.

>Handmade DIY succulents

We also organize DIY succulents activities; everyone can DIY their plant pot. In the March season, when everything is growing, such activities also make sense.

>Take a boat around the lake

The scenery of Pingtian Lake is stunning; the lake is vast, and you need to take a boat trip to the lake to see all the scenery. So we sat in a boat and enjoyed the scenery of the lake in the breeze.

>Buffet food feast

Towards noon, we had a hearty lunch at our hotel on the Peninsula on the lake. It’s all local specialties. It’s a pleasure to have a nice meal after the trip.

>Concert by the lake

Afternoon is another pleasant time for tea. After enjoying the rich food, we enjoyed a concert by the lake. Facing the breeze with the beautiful scenery of the lake, full of food and tea, this cozy concert makes people forget the time, immersed in it.

The beautiful half-day ended like this, and the annual Women’s Day activities also ended successfully.

But happiness is more than one day! I wish every day could be women’s day; every day, we have to love ourselves, enjoy work, and enjoy life.

Especially in the big family of WMTCNC, female employees account for the majority, so we have a lot of humanistic care for female employees, which is our unique corporate culture, and we hope that the company’s team cohesion is stronger.

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