WMTCNC | Team Building in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province

WMTCNC | Team Building in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province

Hey there, friends! ✨

We just wrapped up an incredible team-building adventure in the beautiful city of Jingdezhen on September 8th and 9th, 2023, and we couldn’t wait to share our experience with you!

Destination: Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China.

With breathtaking landscapes, exquisite porcelain art, and a tight-knit team, our journey was nothing short of amazing. Here’s a glimpse into our adventure:

Exploring Nature: We hiked through lush green hills and explored the serene countryside, recharging our spirits and bonding over the breathtaking scenery.

Artistic Bonding: Jingdezhen is renowned for its porcelain artistry, and we had the chance to try our hands at painting our own porcelain masterpieces. Creativity flowed, and we unearthed hidden talents within our team.

Team Building Activities: We engaged in fun and challenging team-building exercises that brought us closer together, reinforcing our unity and cooperation.

The Result?

We returned from this activity with refreshed minds, stronger bonds, and an even greater sense of unity within our team. These two days weren’t just about team building; they were about creating memories and strengthening our shared vision.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip memorable!

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