INTERMACH 2024, WMTCNC Invite You to Explore the Latest Machinery Market

INTERMACH 2024, WMTCNC Invite You to Explore the Latest Machinery Market

INTERMACH 2024 is now at the heart of introducing the latest technologies and modern machinery to the manufacturing and related industries, providing the perfect opportunity for a commercial platform that combines intelligent solutions for the production age with efficient machinery. The creativity of the industry is put to good use through the display of advanced mechanical software and related equipment, coupled with constantly improving work skills. 

The exhibition is about to open. Now, we sincerely invite you to attend the exhibition!

Exhibition Invitation 

Hall 100 Q29

15-18 May 2024


Exhibition Product 

  1. The machine can accurately process the inner and outer diameter, end face, taper and thread, and the processing efficiency is high.
  2. Dc brushless spindle motor.
  3. Small footprint, low energy consumption, easy operation, suitable for small processing.
  4. High quality spindle adopts high precision grinding and angular contact bearing support.
  5. Induction hardening bed, bed saddle with plastic stickers, improve machine accuracy and service life.
  6. Can carry out macroscopic arithmetic operations, processing complex parts, complete functions, economic and practical, with a textbook for teaching.
  1. Servo main motor.
  2. Low noise, high precision.
  3. After-CNC 1500MDC
  4. Vertical control panel, easy to operate, beautiful and generous.
cnc lathe cnc210

We cordially invite all valued customers, partners and industry professionals to visit our booths at these prestigious events. This will be a great opportunity to explore our products, meet our passionate team, and network with like-minded people!

The opening of INTERMACH 2024 is just days away. Do you want to go? If you have exhibition needs, please contact us in advance!

 Exhibition Tips 

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