The 135th Spring Canton Fair, a wonderful review!

The 135th Spring Canton Fair, a wonderful review!

On April 19, 2024, the highly anticipated 135th Spring Canton Fair concluded its successful run at the Pazhou Complex. Over the course of four eventful days, the Canton Fair hosted an array of exhibitors and attendees from various industries, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of business opportunities and fruitful interactions.

Among the prominent exhibitions held during the fair, the four-day WMTCNC exhibition stood out for its remarkable achievements. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, WMTCNC showcased its cutting-edge technologies, machinery, and equipment to an enthusiastic audience. The exhibition proved to be an ideal platform for industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to gather, exchange ideas, and explore business collaborations.

Day 1

On the day of the exhibition, there was a sea of people, inviting customers to come. Our team is well prepared to welcome the arrival of customers.

Day 2

The hottest degree of the exhibition reached its peak! As a very influential import and export trade show at home and abroad, the flow of visitors to the exhibition on this day seems to have reached its peak, from the queue outside the exhibition hall to the crowed scene in the exhibition hall, reflecting the exhibition’s popularity.

Day 3

Our reception work is not in line to continue;our team on the front line does a good job it the rear logistics service support work, and on-site negotiations and transactions are active.

Day 4

Near the end of the exhibition site, our team is still on the job, playing a good spirit and meeting waves of customers to visit and consult.

Day 5

In April, the weather in Guangzhou changed quickly. In the case of bad weather, we reminded customer’s to pay attention to travel safety and successfully concluded the trip to the Canton Fair.

A Bond of Friendship, A Bridge for Trade.

At this Canton Fair, WMTCNC opened up a lot of potential new customers, carried out friendly communication, and had the opportunity to cooperate with customers further, our sales team will continue to establish contact with buyers and understand their willingness to place orders to achieve more cooperation opportunities.

The 2024 exhibition tour has just begun, and the wonderful is still to come; we will wait and see!

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