WMTCNC Exhibition Of Second Half 2023

WMTCNC Exhibition Of Second Half 2023

As a machinery manufacturer, participating in exhibitions and trade shows is a crucial aspect of networking and showcasing our WMTCNC brand to a wider audience. In the coming months, we will attend several prominent exhibitions and trade shows taking place across China, Iran and Thailand that are worth attending. In this blog post, we will highlight three of the most significant upcoming exhibitions, including 134th Canton Fair, IINEX Iran and METALEX in Thailand.

1. The 134th Canton Fair in Guangzhou

The Canton Fair, officially known as the China Import and Export Fair, is the largest trade fair in China, held twice a year in Guangzhou. The exhibition is a comprehensive event that covers a broad range of industries, including electronics, textiles, machinery, and consumer goods. It attracts buyers and sellers from all over the world, making it a perfect opportunity for businesses to expand their reach and find new buyers.

2.International Industry Exhibition -IINEX (Ex. TIIE)

Tehran International Industry Exhibition offers the best opportunity for industry professionals like manufacturing, industry managers, system operators, instrumentation experts, plant managers, public system, investors, enterprenuers and service managers, technicians and maintenance operators, buyers, system planners, research operators to talk with their colleagues and meet face to face with suppliers from all over the world.

3.METALEX 2023

Over 95,000 metalworking industrialists from across ASEAN will step up to the forefront of the industry through the debut of innovative machinery and technologies for metalworking at METALEX. This will be the platform for over 2,500 brands of technology providers and distributors from around the world, as well as for suppliers of Smart Materials, Additive Manufacturing and AI technologies to come together and unbox the most up-to-date technologies to bring the next level of efficiency and productivity to metalworking industrialists from across ASEAN.

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