Advantages Of Domestic CNC Lathes (China)

Advantages Of Domestic CNC Lathes (China)

Compared with foreign CNC lathes, the Chinese market has a self-evident advantage. We can also see that domestic CNC lathes have absolute advantages in terms of after-sales service and cost performance compared to similar foreign products of the same type.

In the middle and low-end applications, domestic CNC lathes not only have an absolute advantage in terms of price, but also inferior to the products of any foreign manufacturers in terms of product quality and reliability. In aerospace manufacturing companies, the replacement of equipment is very fast. Equipment with backward production capacity and high energy consumption will be eliminated, and then technical transformation will be carried out. This is a huge potential market. At the same time, it is an opportunity for domestic CNC lathes to enter the aviation manufacturing industry. Seize the opportunity and catch up. It is a domestic CNC lathe. A historic opportunity to break through and reinvent yourself.


At present, China is in the middle of industrialization.

From the solution of the shortage-based opening to the construction of an economic powerhouse, coal, automobile, steel, real estate, building materials, machinery, electronics, molds, chemicals, and other high-growth industries based on heavy industry have developed strongly, which constitutes a The machine tool market, especially the huge demand for CNC lathes. According to Luo Baihui, head of the International Association of Mold and Plastics Suppliers, China has surpassed Germany to become the world’s largest machine tool market. CNC lathes have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. The domestic CNC lathe industry is also making efforts to break through and look for big opportunities.


While upgrading itself, the industry also needs to be supported by national policies.

For example, for key production enterprises of lathes, grinders and functional components that are greatly affect by the “ECFA (Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement)”. It is recommend to grant “VAT first refund and return” policy concessions according to the company’s sales. And hope to give Policy concessions such as “half income tax levy”.


The independent innovation achievements of high-end CNC lathes in China have been remarkable, and the industrialization process of independent innovation achievements has accelerated. In the research and development of heavy-duty CNC lathes, the development of high-end CNC lathes that have reached the international advanced level, such as the gantry five-axis linkage composite machine tool, has successfully met the key processing needs for large parts in aerospace, power generation equipment, and automobiles. Key areas of focus on the processing needs of large parts. High-speed precision CNC lathes, machining centers and other products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, mold, and other industries. And it has driven many small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade their equipment and upgrade their industries. Domestic machine tool enterprises have vigorously implemented technological innovation and made great progress in product structure adjustment.

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