Application of the 4 Axis of CNC Machining Center

Application of the 4 Axis of CNC Machining Center

The fourth axis of CNC machining center refers to the CNC dividing head of machining center. We usually call it the fourth axis. At present, there are many CNC dividing heads in the market. Its appearance greatly improves the machining efficiency of machining center and reduces the cost. Many products need CNC dividing head when processing.

The fourth axis of CNC machining center can complete the task that the three-axis machine tool can’t complete at one time. It can make the product realize multi-faceted processing through rotation, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and reduces the clamping times. In particular, the processing of cylindrical parts is more convenient.

1. The rotation angle can process multiple surfaces at the same time, improve the overall processing accuracy of the workpiece, simplify the process, improve the production efficiency and shorten the production time.

2. Three-axis is XYZ three linear moving coordinates, the fourth axis is generally a rotating axis, which can make the angle offset between the tool and the workpiece, that is, the tool axis and the workpiece surface normal form an angle. First, it can expand the range of machining, and second, it can make the cutting conditions better.

The application of the fourth axis in the production and processing can expand the plan of NC blade production and processing, improve the production and processing level of production and processing objects, and reduce the frequency of equipment taking and placing of product parts. In the production and processing, the work efficiency is further improved, and the production process is simplified.

The fourth axis has no regulations on the angle of view of laser cutting for the production and processing of objects. It can change the distance and angle of view between the workpiece and the middle according to the rotation axis, and automatically generate a suitable working plan to achieve better actual effect of laser cutting.

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