Chinese Enterprises Fully Support the Fight Against the Coronavirus

Chinese Enterprises Fully Support the Fight Against the Coronavirus

Recently, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection has affected many people’s hearts. Faced with the various needs brought about by the epidemic prevention and control campaign, many Chinese companies responded positively at the first time, and combined with their advantages in this field, they provided strong support in many aspects such as medical material supplementation, living material supply, isolation ward expansion, and emergency fund turnover. Strong support and protection. Analysts point out that the outstanding performance of Chinese companies in the prevention and control of epidemics not only reflects their strong business foundation and production strength but also reflects a strong sense of social responsibility and long-term development vision.


An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Faced with the burden of prevention, control, and rescue, central enterprises made every effort to take the lead and set out a series of strong support measures.


In terms of information services, after the outbreak, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile, the three major telecommunication central enterprises, assisted relevant government departments to send free public welfare text messages such as outbreak warning, traffic status, public health tips, and prevention and control knowledge to promote epidemic prevention knowledge to users. Provide outbreak information.


In the field of disinfection and sterilization, related companies under CNNC and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation have exerted their professional advantages and opened up sterilization green channels that are in urgent need of medical supplies. Medical masks, medical protective clothing, Medical masks, etc. provide irradiation sterilization services.


In terms of logistics and transportation, China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd. and other companies implement free transportation of qualified relief supplies supporting pneumonia against new coronavirus infection, open green transportation channels for aid supplies, and organize relief donations for domestic and foreign organizations The materials provide free air transportation from airport to airport between the navigation points and priority guarantee.


At the same time, the funding gap caused by the epidemic was properly arranged as soon as possible.


The China Development Bank has established an emergency financing service mechanism for epidemic prevention and control. The financing needs to be raised by the epidemic prevention and control headquarters at all levels and their member departments will receive an emergency response within 24 hours. The financing needs raised by other companies involved in epidemic prevention and control will be provided in the emergency response was completed within 48 hours, and China Development Bank provided the optimal loan interest rate for related financing needs.


In response to the impact of the epidemic, China Export Credit Insurance Corporation adopted measures such as “strengthening online customer service”, “priority processing of insurance claims by export companies affected by the epidemic”, “special services for special business needs”, and actively stabilized corporate expectations Contribute to win the fight against pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection.


“The epidemic has brought the company’s strength and sense of responsibility to the test. For example, the construction of special hospitals in a short period of time requires high-intensity equipment investment and construction capabilities; alleviating the tension of medical and living materials is inseparable from efficient warehouse logistics services. Fortunately, both state-owned and private enterprises have played an important active role in this battle against the epidemic. This is very helpful for us to finally overcome the epidemic. “He Weida said.

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