Differences Between Slant Bed and Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machines

Differences Between Slant Bed and Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machines

When buying a turning machine, it can be helpful to be familiar with the various machine configurations available. Do you know why the slant bed CNC lathe can be so popular in the market?

Slant bed CNC lathe

Slant bed CNC lathe is a kind of 30 degree slant guideway machine tools. With high precision, high speed and high spindle speed. And mainly  suitable for machining medium-sized parts such as aviation, electronics, glasses and lighters.The slant bed CNC lathe adopts hard guideway, gear shifting and hydraulic clamping.


(a)When machining workpieces, can not switch on the change speed button.

(b)Close the full cover.

(c)It is necessary to keep an eye on concentration and find that abnormal parking immediately stops in time to avoid damage to the equipment.

(d)When loading workpieces and tools, it is forbidden to hit simple CNC lathe parts with heavy objects.

(e)Measure the workpiece, inspect the tool, and install the workpiece after the machine has stopped.

(f)When the operator leaves the slant bed CNC lathe, the machine must be stopped.

Slant bed VS Flat bed

Flat bed CNC lathes, two rails parallel to the plane and the ground plane. Slant bed CNC lathes, two rails and the plane of the ground plane intersect into a bevel angle has 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 75 ° points. From the machine side, the level of bed CNC lathe bed was a square, slant bed CNC lathe bed right-angled triangle. Obviously, at the same width of the rail, the inclined bed of the X carriage than the level of the bed longer, in practical sense lathe can arrange more CNC tool.

(a)Cutting rigidity comparison

Bed cross-sectional area of ​​CNC turning centers of the same size than the level of the bed, which means the resistance to bending and torsional ability. Tool CNC turning center is diagonally above the workpiece is cut down, consistent with the direction of cutting force of gravity and the workpiece, the spindle running relatively smoothly, not easy to cause vibration cutting, flat bed CNC lathe cutting tool and the workpiece cutting force generated by gravity into the workpiece 90 °, easy to cause vibration.

(b) Machining accuracy comparison

CNC lathe screw drive are high precision ball screw, lead screw and nut drive gap between the small, but it is not that there is no gap, but as long as there is a gap, when the screw towards one direction and then reverse gear when, inevitably will produce backlash, there is backlash will affect the repeatability of CNC lathes, thus affecting the machining accuracy. Gap slant bed CNC lathe can directly affect the layout of the X-direction ball screw, gravity acts directly on the axial screw, so that backlash when the drive is almost zero. X direction of the flat bed CNC lathe without axial screw the influence of gravity, the gap can not be directly eliminated. This is designed to slant bed precision CNC lathes bring inherent advantages.

(c)Chip removal capacity comparision

The slant bed CNC lathe is generally equipped with an automatic chip conveyor, which can automatically remove the chips and increase the effective working time of the workers. It is difficult to add an automatic chip conveyor to the structure of the flat bed.


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