Famous CNC Controller for CNC Machine Tools

Famous CNC Controller for CNC Machine Tools

The main determining factor of CNC machine tools is the accuracy of programming. Programming needs to be done by the system. In the machining industry, the most commonly used systems for CNC machine tools are these: Japan FANUC CNC system, Germany Siemens CNC system, Japan Mitsubishi CNC system, Germany HEIDENHAIN CNC system and so on. Below we will introduce the CNC machine system for these manufacturers.


1.Japan FANUC CNC system

FANUC is the world’s leading research, design and manufacturing company for CNC systems. The CNC system developed by FANUC has the following advantages:

(a)PowerMate 0 series is very famous in the industry for its high reliability. And it is mainly suitable for two-axis small machine tools. It is a good replacement for the servo system of stepping motor. The picture is clear and easy to operate.

(b) Most of the lathe processing uses the popular CNC 0-D series 0-TD, the milling machine and the small machining center can use 0-MD, the cylindrical grinding machine uses 0-GCD, and the surface grinder uses 0-GSD.


2.Germany Siemens CNC system

Siemens is a German company in the field of electrical engineering, with a wide range of businesses in the industrial, energy, medical and infrastructure sectors. And it is recognized by its continuous innovation, good quality and high reliability.


SIEMENS’s CNC system mainly adopts modular structure design, which is economical. It is equipped with a variety of software on a standard hardware to meet various processing technologies and various machine tool requirements. With the development of electronic technology, the emergence of large-scale integrated circuits has made the structure of new CNC machine tools more simple, compact, more powerful and cheaper.


The main series of SIEMENS CNC machines are SINUMERIK3/8/810/820/850/880/805/802/840 series.


3.Japan Mitsubishi CNC system

Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric mainly produces mechanical equipment for electrical distribution, electrical processing products, frequency converters, servo system machines, numerical control devices and their components.

In production, we often use these Mitsubishi CNC systems, such as M700V series,M70V series, M70 series, M60S series, E68 series, E60 series, C6 series, C64 series, and C70 series. As a high-end series, the M700V series is mainly suitable for high-precision machining and supports five-axis linkage.


4.Germany HEIDENHAIN CNC system

HEIDENHAIN mainly develops grating scales, angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital display units and CNC systems. Often using this system in machine tools, automated machines, and semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.


Engineer often using Heidenhain’s iTNC 530 control system for milling machines and machining centers. This system is a high-end CNC system, much faster than the TNC series. And it can insert and edit information blocks faster.

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