Features and Advantages of High Speed Milling

Features and Advantages of High Speed Milling

Advancements in the metalworking industry have led to new, innovative ways of increasing productivity. Today we will discuss a new topic of high speed milling.


High-speed milling typically uses high speeds, proper feed rates, and small radial and axial milling depths.When milling, a large amount of milling heat is carried away by the chips. Therefore, the surface temperature of the workpiece is low.

As the milling speed increases, the machining productivity increases. However, in the high-speed machining range, the increase in milling speed will increase the wear of the tool. Due to the high spindle speed, it is difficult to inject the cutting fluid into the processing zone, usually by oil mist cooling or water mist cooling.


1.Improve productivity
Increased milling speed and feed rate increase material removal rate. At the same time, it can process hardened parts. Many parts can be finished in the whole process of roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. The complex surface processing can also directly meet the surface quality requirements of the parts. Therefore, the high-speed milling process can often eliminate the need. Electrical processing, manual grinding and other processes to shorten the process route, thereby greatly improving processing productivity.

2.Good surface finish
High-speed milling machines with high rigidity and high precision. Due to the low mill force, the workpiece is less thermally deformed and the machining accuracy of high-speed milling is high. Thus, the The milling depth is small, the feed is faster, and the surface roughness is small.

3.Realize the processing of whole parts
It allows the aircraft to use a large number of integral structural parts,reducing component weight, improving part reliability and reducing assembly man-hours.

4.Beneficial to use small diameter tools
Suitable for using a small diameter tools, tools, reducing tool size and reducing tooling costs.

5.Machining high hardness material
High-speed milling machine with low milling force and high stability. It can process thin-walled parts with high quality. And can produce thin-walled parts with a wall thickness of 0.2mm and a wall height of 20mm.The processing of high-strength and high-hardness materials is also a feature of high-speed milling. At present, machine can process parts with a hardness of HRC60.

6.Can partially replace some other processes, such as electric machining, grinding, etc.
Because of the high quality of the machining, it is possible to perform hard cutting. In many mold machining, high-speed milling can replace electric machining and grinding.

In conclusion, high-speed milling has a high overall economic benefit.

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