How Can CNC Lathes Meet High-speed Cutting?

How Can CNC Lathes Meet High-speed Cutting?

CNC machine tools are machines for manufacturing machines, so they are called master machines or manufacturing machines. CNC lathes are the most widely used machine tools. To achieve high-speed cutting of CNC lathes to better meet the market demand of the 21st century, the “quantity” and “quality” of today’s society will determine who is the market winner. Therefore, production equipment, peripheral equipment, production technology, processing tools, and related software must be developed at high speed and high precision.

To achieve high-speed operation, we must also ensure the precision and stability of the machining. How to meet the high-speed cutting of CNC lathe can be divided into the following requirements:

1. Reasonable structure design, suitable for high speed operation.

The machine tool structure must first have high rigidity, better absorb high-frequency vibration and high inertia value. And the spindle requires lubrication system and cooling system to meet its high-speed operation. As an actuator for high-speed machining, the feed assembly requires the accuracy of the guide rail and the lead screw to maintain its accuracy during high-speed motion. Components such as electric control boxes are also required to have good heat dissipation and stability.

2.Choose the right tool holder and tools.

As we know, the tools price is very low. But it plays an absolutely critical role in the accuracy of machine tool processing, especially in high-speed cutting. Requiring tools with better quality and performance. Although the purchase of the machine takes most of the cost, it cannot be saved on the tool.

3. Specialized CNC system and excellent servo system.

The physical conditions of the high-speed operation of the machine tool have been reached. The NC programming should also optimize the machining process to improve the efficiency. The CNC system sends commands to the servo system for quick and accurate execution. It is required to process the program quickly and error. The control is in the minimum range, etc., so the numerical control system and the servo system play a crucial role in the high-speed operation of the machine tool.

Of course, there are many other factors, such as safety issues, environmental issues, etc. Based on the above important requirements, WMTCNC has launched a series of high-speed CNC lathes. According to the needs of customers, our company will develop a special program to help customers reduce processing and increase production capacity.

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