How to Become the Master of CNC Machine Tool Programming?

How to Become the Master of CNC Machine Tool Programming?

When we choose the profession of mechanical cutting, it means that we have a hard and boring job. We learned the basic knowledge in the university is a little poor to meet the needs of the factory. The engineer of machining is an experienced engineer.
Therefore, it is the quickest way to learn from the workers’ masters with humility. Once they can teach decades of experience to you, you can take a lot of detours; because these experiences are not learned from a book.If you want to become a good master of CNC machine tool programming, you need to get the support and trust of your employees.
Step One:Must be an excellent craftsman
You should work with workers to make lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, machining centers, etc. Then you write a program,estimate the material consumption, calculate the quota.
You must be familiar with the performance of various types of machine tools, the skill level of the workshop masters,then you can become a qualified craftsman after 2-3 years.
The CNC machine tool integrates the processes of drilling, milling, boring and tapping. It has high requirements for the technical literacy of the craftsman. The numerical control program uses the computer language to reflect the process of the machining process. The process is the basis of programming and if you don’t understand the process, you can’t write a program.
Step Two:Proficient in NC programming and computer software applications
There are dozens of programming instructions, but these systems are similar. It usually takes two months to understand the program. The automatic programming software is a bit more complicated, and you need to learn built the shape, but it is not difficult for people who know the CAD.
Step Three:Proficiency in CNC machine tools
It takes 2 years to study the operation of cnc machine tools. You should learn the operation system, fixture Installation, tool setting, setting zero offset, setting tool length compensation, radius compensation, tool and tool holder loading and unloading,part measurement (experienced with vernier caliper, minute card , dial indicator, dial gauge, inner diameter lever table) etc.
Step Four:Must have a good level of measurement technology
Accurate measurement level is one of the basic skills of machining. It is necessary to be proficient in the use of vernier calipers, minute cards, dial gauges, dial gauges, inner diameter lever gauges, calipers, etc.
Step Five: Proficient in the maintenance of CNC machine tools
It is very important to check the starting load change of each axis of the machine every day. It is very important that the starting load changes abnormally, which means that the resistance of the moving pair or the transmission pair has changed.
Pay attention to the normal consumption of lubricating oil.
Clean the electric box air filter and vent filter.
Step Six: Have a good habit
You should be humble, rigorous, calm, thoughtful, and well-organized and assertive.When there is a problem during debugging and processing, you should be calm, don’t panic.
In a word,programmer with advanced craftsman + senior technician level = master of CNC machine tool programming!

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