How to Maintain CNC Machine Tools in Daily Life?

How to Maintain CNC Machine Tools in Daily Life?

The daily maintenance of CNC machine tools requires maintenance person to have knowledge of machinery, processing technology and hydraulics, but also to have knowledge of computer, automatic control, drive and measurement technology, so as to fully understand CNC lathes and do maintenance work.

(1) Choose a good working environment.

The operating environment of the CNC lathe (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, voltage, frequency and interference) will affect the normal operation of the machine tool. Therefore, maintenance workers should install the machine tool strictly in accordance with the manual operation.

(2) Specialized person for CNC system programming, operation and maintenance should be equipped for CNC lathes. These person should be familiar with the mechanical, numerical control system, high-voltage equipment, hydraulic pressure, air pressure and other characteristics of the machine tool used, the use environment, processing conditions, etc., and can correctly use the CNC lathe according to the requirements of the machine tool and system manual.

(3) Make sure no dust or splashed coolant in the electrical box and try to clean it when necessary.

(4) In order to keep the electrical device clean, all the doors or covers of electrical control cabinet should be closed during operation. Try not to use compressed air to clean the cutting chips or dust. Prohibit to use compressed air to clean the interior of the electrical control box.

(5) Check the machine cable, mainly check the moving joint of the cable, whether there is contact failure at the corner, disconnection and short circuit.

(6) Some CNC system parameter memories use CMOS components. The stored content is maintained by battery power when the power is turned off. When a low voltage alarm occurs, be sure to replace the battery in time, and be sure to do so while the control system is powered. Otherwise, will lose storage parameters, resulting in the CNC system not working.

(7) If you don’t use cnc lathe for a long time, then how to maintan machine tool? When the CNC lathe is idle, the CNC system should be energized frequently. When closing the cover of machine, it will run empty. In the rainy season with high air humidity, we should energize the machine. Using the electrical components themselves to drive away the moisture in the CNC cabinet. To ensure the stable and reliable performance of electronic components.

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