How to operate the universal tool grinder?

How to operate the universal tool grinder?

The universal tool grinder has high precision, good rigidity, economical and practical, especially suitable for sharpening various small and medium-sized tools, such as reamers, taps, twist drills, reaming drills, various milling cutters, milling cutter heads, and gear shaper cutters. With the corresponding accessories, you can grind the outer circle, the inner circle, and the plane, and you can also grind the template and the mold. The diamond grinding wheel can sharpen all kinds of cemented carbide tools.


So how should it be operated and adjusted?


1. Manipulation and adjustment of the workbench


①The choice of the standing position of the operator. When the universal tool grinder is performing internal and external grinding, the operating handle of the worktable is on the right side of the front of the machine, so the operator should stand in front of the machine for easy operation and observation. During tool sharpening, due to the different grinding forms, to facilitate operation and observation, the operator generally stands on the left or right behind the machine tool table.


②The selection and operation method of the joystick. Choose the joystick according to the grinding form. When grinding inner and outer circles, manipulate the handwheel,


The worktable moves slowly and evenly. Sharpen the knives, manipulate the handwheel, and move the worktable quickly.


③Adjust the travel distance of the worktable. Because the worktable adopts a cylindrical needle roller guide, a little careless operation will make the stroke excessive. To control the stroke during grinding, the stop can be used to limit the position. The method of using the retaining iron is the same as that of the cylindrical grinder.


2. Adjustment of the position of the grinding head


During tool sharpening, the grinding head rotates 90° in a clockwise direction so that the spindle axis of the grinding head is perpendicular to the axis of the worktable.


3. the assembly and disassembly of the grinding wheel flange or the extension shaft on the grinding head spindle


①Place the grinding wheel on the flange and tighten the nut with a wrench.


② Put the flange together with the grinding wheel on the spindle of the grinding head.


③Insert the locking pin to lock the spindle of the grinding head.


④Tighten the hexagon socket screw and tighten it with a hexagon socket wrench.


⑤Install the protective cover and pull out the locking pin. The grinding wheel is installed.


When replacing the flange. The spindle of the grinding head must be locked. Then the hexagon socket screw of the flange shall be removed. Screw on the disassembly wrench and eject the flange from the spindle of the grinding head.

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