How to choose CNC Machine tools?

How to choose CNC Machine tools?

CNC machine tool requires high precision, good rigidity, convenient clamping adjustment, strong cutting performance, high durability.Reasonable selection can improve both processing efficiency and product quality.Then choose the right tool from the type of tool to do detailed understanding.


1. According to the tool structure, it can be divided into:

  1) integral form.

  2) the Mosaic adopts welding or clamp-type connection, and the clamp-type can be divided into non-indexable and indexable.

  3) special type, such as compound cutter, shock absorber cutter, etc.

2. According to the materials used in the manufacturing tool, it can be divided into:

  1) high speed steel cutter.

  2) carbide cutting tools.

  3) diamond cutter.

  4) other material tools, such as cubic boron nitride tools, ceramic tools, etc.

3. Cutting technology can be divided into:

  1) turning tools, including outer circle, inner hole, thread, cutting tools, etc.

  2) drilling tools, including drill bit, reamer, tap, etc.

  3) boring tool.

  4) milling cutter.

Features of common tools for CNC machining:

CNC tools and ordinary machine tools used by the tool, there are many different requirements, the main characteristics are as follows:

1. Good rigidity (especially rough machining tool), high precision, vibration resistance and small thermal deformation.

2. Good interchangeability, easy to change the knife quickly.

3. High service life, stable and reliable cutting performance.

4. The size of the cutter is easy to adjust to reduce the adjustment time of tool change.

5. The cutter should be able to break or roll chips reliably to facilitate the removal of chips.

6. Serialization and standardization to facilitate programming and tool management.

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