Method For Reducing Spindle Vibration

Method For Reducing Spindle Vibration

All rotating machines generate vibration during operation. Excessive vibration can shorten the service life and even cause damage to the machine.When the machine is running at high speeds, sometimes we can clearly feel the vibration, and it is accompanied by harsh noise. The spindle will heat up in a short time. The tool for machining is also likely to have a broken knife at high speed due to the vibration of the spindle, or a knife mark on the surface of the part.

This imbalance is caused by the centerline of the mass of the rotating component being offset from the axis of rotation.

In addition to the spindle itself, the user may use a tool holder or tool that does not conform to the dynamic balance standard, which may be the cause of the imbalance. When machining with small-diameter tools, due to the linear speed, it needs to be run at high speed for normal drilling or milling. The use of non-compliant shanks can lead to faster tool wear and affect machining efficiency. Operating in this manner for a long time will accelerate the wear of the spindle bearings and increase the maintenance cost of the machine.

A method of using the hand to sense vibration to reduce the vibration of the spindle:

1. Install the best shank on the spindle that you can find, let the spindle run at maximum speed, and sense the vibration by hand.

2.Remove the protective cover of the spindle。

3.Loosen the fastening bolts of the spindle motor and then run the spindle. Let the spindle also align the motor itself, then slowly tighten the bolts and then fully tighten with a specific torque.

4.The size of the vibration is sensed by hand again. If the vibration problem is not resolved, proceed to the next step.

5.Number each threaded hole on the guide release ring.

6.Use the matching set of screws. Starting with the shortest screw, screw this screw into each threaded hole (must be screwed to the bottom of the thread) and find the threaded hole with the least vibration by comparing the vibration at the highest speed.

7.In the threaded hole found, try the set screws of different lengths and select the most suitable set screw by comparing the vibration.

8.If the vibration problem is solved, remove the set screw and put it back on the oil (to prevent rust).

9.Replace the spindle cover.

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