Points to be aware of when purchasing a tornos swiss lathe

Points to be aware of when purchasing a tornos swiss lathe

The tornos swiss lathe is generally used in the bar processing of small, large batch, one-time forming parts. Because the tornos swiss lathe must be equipped with a feeding machine for processing. It has a great advantage when it comes to bar processing and the diameter does not exceed 32. At this time, it becomes a small independent production line, which has advantages in processing speed and labor cost.

The main difference between the CNC swiss lathe and the knife-feeding machine is: the material is moving in the tornos swiss lathe, the knife-feeding machine is moving in the knife. The CNC swiss lathe domestic used to be called longitudinal cutting lathe. Generally, the feeder will be the bar from the spindle through the hole, spring collet automatic clamping. If the part is elongated, it needs to be matched. If the tail needs to be machined, it should be equipped with a second spindle. And if you also need to process the four and six drilled holes, etc. to be equipped with a power tool holder and spindle indexing.

CNC swiss lathe is mainly limited by the diameter of the material. Generally, the largest type of CNC swiss lathe can only process parts with a diameter of 20 mm, and its processing accuracy, processing speed, and knife-feeding machine is difficult to compare.

Advantages as follows:

1.One-time clamping and non-stop spindle can turn parts with a length of more than 200mm. If it is a part with a length of 5mm, it can be turned by the CNC swiss lathe and the knife-feeding machine. But the CNC swiss lathe can turn out 20~30 parts at one time before it needs to stop and feed.

2.Always fix the closest position to the material when cutting on a CNC swiss lathe, so the rigidity is very good. After the lathe clamps the part, the tool is turned a few millimeters from the clamping position, and the rigidity will be excellent.

3.The CNC swiss lathe is a combination of turning and milling. The complexity of single processing is not comparable to knife-feeding machine. It turns out that there are old-fashioned automatic lathes, which we commonly call cam machine lathes. And now the updated CNC automatic lathe, we call it a CNC swiss lathe or a slitting lathe. The main Z axis moves forward and backward, while the knife can move X and Y. It can realize three-dimensional processing, one molding.

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