The difference between cylindrical grinding and centerless grinding

The difference between cylindrical grinding and centerless grinding

Grinding principle

When grinding on cylindrical grinder, it is used to grind the outer cylinder, outer cone, and shaft shoulder end face of shaft workpiece. In the grinding process of centerless grinder, there are two grinding wheels: guide wheel and grinding wheel. The guide wheel drives the cylindrical workpiece to rotate on the pad iron, and the grinding wheel plays a grinding roll on the workpiece.


Machining accuracy

If we want to compare the accuracy of centerless grinder and cylindrical grinder , they can’t make a conclusion at will. Both kinds of grinders are very precise, mainly depends on the origin and manufacturing accuracy of the grinder. Centerless grinding is mainly used to process a batch of shaft products. The grinding wheel and the guide wheel squeeze each other. When the parts rotate, there is no fixed rotation center, while the cylindrical grinding needs a thimble to fix the parts and make them rotate around the axis.


Processing method

The workpiece of cylindrical grinder should be centering, centering with headstock and tailstock or centering with chuck, etc.A centerless grinder is to rely on the cylindrical self-rotation processing because it can not be centering processing, its roundness depends on the roundness of the workpiece itself, so the accuracy of processing into a circle is not as good as the cylindrical grinder, so it will be much better for the workpiece with higher roundness requirements to use the cylindrical grinder to process the circle first, and then on the centerless grinder.


Workpiece concentricity

When grinding the outer circle, the outer circle grinder can ensure the concentricity of the workpiece, while the centerless grinder can not guarantee the concentricity of the workpiece in general.


Purpose of grinder

Cylindrical grinder is mainly used for precision grinding of end face, cylindrical and conical surface of shaft parts in batches. It is suitable for machining shaft parts with small batch and high precision requirements in aerospace industry and general precision machining workshop. A centerless grinding machine is mainly used for thorough polishing of the cylindrical surface of various ring, shaft, and tube parts. A centerless grinding machine is mainly used for all kinds of cylindrical parts, ring parts through grinding, as well as cone parts cutting grinding.


Grinder structure

Cylindrical grinder is composed of bed and worktable, grinding wheel frame, head frame, grinding frame, longitudinal feed hand wheel, transverse feed hand wheel, reversing baffle and other parts. The centerless grinder is mainly composed of body, grinding wheel frame, guide wheel, head frame, spindle unit structure, spindle rod automatic tool loading system and other components.


Grinding machine features

The bearing of grinding wheel spindle of cylindrical grinding machine adopts conical-shaped oil wedge dynamic pressure bearing, and the grinding wheel spindle still has high bearing stiffness at low speed. Centerless grinder is characterized by good versatility, high modularity, high precision and rigidity, and high efficiency.


The big difference between centerless grinding machine and cylindrical grinding machine is that centerless grinding machine can not use fixture, only use cutter board to support workpiece, and one more guide wheel to drive workpiece grinding. However, for cylindrical grinding machine, fixture is used to clamp workpiece grinding without cutter board. The cylindrical grinding machine only needs grinding wheel instead of guide wheel.

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