What are the main points in using permanent magnetic chucks?

What are the main points in using permanent magnetic chucks?

As we all know, the permanent magnetic chuck is used to remove the work by demagnetizing the power. The etymology of the permanent magnetic chuck is the permanent magnet. After it is magnetized, it can not only be demagnetized but also it cannot retreat greatly, otherwise, it will affect the force of the permanent magnet anti-disk. Therefore, the permanent magnetic chuck for unloading the workpiece is not achieved by changing the magnetization of the magnet, but by changing the magnetic field distribution of the magnetic system, so that the magnetic field lines meet in the desired path. In the existing permanent magnetic chuck, the magnetic field lines only change in the same direction. The suction cup changes the suction force of the workpiece by moving part of the magnetic steel and exchanging the magnetic force in the longitudinal and transverse directions.


Generally, the permanent magnetic chuck adopts an overall moving permanent magnet and a magnetic isolation block to realize magnetic flux passing through or demagnetizing the table. In this way, the moving parts are large in size and heavy in operation, and the base supports the platform in a hollow frame type with low rigidity. The permanent magnetic chuck has half of the area of the magnet fixed under the table, which plays a supporting role, so the permanent magnetic chucks have good rigidity, a stable table, light operation, and a simple structure.


Maintenance of permanent magnetic chucks

We mainly do the following in use:

1. Always check the insulation resistance between the wire and the clock cover. At room temperature, it is not less than 20 megohms.

2. Always check the resistance of the wire. If the resistance drops significantly, it indicates that there may be a short circuit between the officials.

3. Pay attention to the connection and disconnection of the line during use. Excessive energization time will cause the coil to overheat and reduce the lifting capacity. Frequently energizing for a long time will shorten the life of the electromagnet. The general power-on duration is limit to minutes, JC = 50%

4. In use, always check whether the fastening screws of the inner and outer pole rings are loose. And whether there are cracks on the outer pole rings of the protection board.

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