What is “small” of small machining center?

What is “small” of small machining center?

What is “small” of small machining center? Small shape? Small footprint? Small bearing capacity of worktable?These answers are not accurate. Small machining center actually means that the processing stroke of the workpiece is small.

Machining center is one kind of CNC machine tools. What has no tool magazine is CNC milling machine. What has tool magazine is machining center, also called CNC machining center.Machining center is a CNC boring and milling machine which combines the functions of CNC milling machine, CNC boring machine and CNC drilling machine, and has tool magazine and automatic tool changer.

Next, we will learn more about small machining centers through several important components of them.


1.CNC system

CNC system can be said to be the brain of the machining center. Programming is indispensable to any machining operation of the machining center. CNC system is also an expensive part.At present, CNC systems commonly used in the market are divided into domestic and imported categories, mainly these types.FANCN, Mitsubishi and Siemens are commonly used in CNC systems of import machining centers.The CNC system of import machining center has the features of stable and reliable performance, fast running speed and strong data processing ability, and is suitable for processing complex workpiece dies.However, the price is high and the operation interface is complex, which requires a high theoretical basis for CNC.CNC systems of domestic machining centers are commonly Huazhong CNC, KND, SYNTEC, etc.The rapid development of domestic CNC system has fully occupied the market.Domestic CNC system is characterized by friendly interface, convenient operation and high precision machining. It is the best choice for pursuing cost performance ratio.In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of domestic CNC centers, five-axis linkage technology can be perfectly configured.


2.Tool magazine

Tool magazine is also important to machining center, and all kinds of process are completed by tool magazine.There are generally three types of tool magazine, disc type, umbrella type and chain type. Vertical machining centers use more disc type and umbrella type. Chain type is generally used for large machine tools. There is no detailed description here.The umbrella type tool holder is cheaper than the disc type because it does not change the tool as quickly as the disc type, which uses a mechanical arm to change the tool.Because of the mechanical hand, the disc tool magazine can change the tool automatically in a matter of seconds.



The spindle unit, also known as the electro-spindle, determines the processing power of a machining center.The spindle speed is generally very high, above 8000rpm, and above 10000rpm is the high-speed spindle. Machine tools will generate a lot of heat under the high-speed processing. The high-heat chips attached to the machine tool workbench and the surface of the workpiece will not only affect the processing accuracy of the workpiece, but also cause damage to the machine tool. Generally, the spindle will be equipped with oil-cooled or water-cooled system. The most common drive modes for spindles are belt drive and direct drive. Direct drive is suitable for light cutting at high speed. Direct drive is generally selected for high speed spindles.


4.Number of axles

Machining centers are mostly three-axle machining centers, X, Y and Z three-axle linkage can meet most of the processing requirements.But there are also customers who add an additional rotating shaft on the basis of the three axes. In short, they add a indexing head on the basis of the three axes, which becomes X, Y, Z, A or X, Y, A and B. By doing so, we can reduce the datum conversion, improve the processing accuracy, reduce the number and area of fixtures, shorten the production chain, simplify the production management, and shorten the development cycle of new products. Accordingly, the price is also much higher.


Some problems will occur in the use of small machining centers, which will affect the processing effect and production efficiency.These problems may be caused by wear of equipment parts or by improper operation habits and unscientific processing procedures.

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