What is the difference between CNC Turning Center and CNC Lathe Machine?

What is the difference between CNC Turning Center and CNC Lathe Machine?

Many people who work in the manufacturing industry, even those who have worked in it for years, have a difficult time knowing the difference between a CNC Turning Center and a CNC Lathe Machine. After all, both parts are made for use as tooling components, bushings, adapters, and threaded inserts. Automotive, agriculture and construction applications like conveyors, casters, and more all need one of these, and either one will usually work. There are a few differences though. These include:



CNC Turning Centers are more oriented for efficient production of parts, and thus produce more parts per day than a CNC Machine, in general.



Because a CNC Turning Center is more efficient and will allow you to produce more, they are typically more expensive for your company to buy. Of course, this price difference is more than made up for once the extra production begins to bring in extra profits.



CNC Turning Centers are enclosed and can use flood coolant. They also have one or more tool changers, while most CNC Lathe Machines have only one. As well, CNC Turning Centers also typically have or can have a chip conveyor, and CNC Lathe Machines mostly do not have one.


As far as the actual manufacturing work goes, mechanically both are the same, CNC Turning Centers just tend to be more expensive, bigger, more powerful (typical 25-40 kW), heavier (4000–8000 kg). Knowing which one is right for your company and manufacturing needs requires an industry expert to take a detailed look at your assembly line and other details.

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