Mineral Casting

The requirements for high speed and extremely high precision in machining require robust machine tools. With its high damping characteristics, ultra-high performance polymer materials and natural stone have become the materials of choice for the production of high-quality milling, cutting, turning, and grinding machine tools. The use of these materials can reduce noise and tool wear while increasing its rigidity and natural frequency.


The development of new high-tech and nano-adhesives, coupled with the use of self-compacting, solvent-free, and gelled mineral materials has greatly simplified the manufacturing process of machine parts. We use super-high-strength polymers imported from Germany with NANODUR as a binder to produce machine tool parts.

Strict precision control

The verticality, flatness, and parallelism of the mold components can directly reach 0.1mm. After grinding the surface of the polymer mineral material, or after milling or drilling the embedded steel plate, the precision can reach 0.005mm. Especially in the production of series components, precision surface castings produced with the help of instruments and glue injection can greatly reduce production costs.

Ultra-high performance polymeric mineral materials have a high heat capacity and a thermal expansion coefficient similar to iron. Therefore, its thermal influence on the machine bed will be weakened. This makes the ultra-high-strength polymer material compatible with various components.

Cast Iron


Mineral Composite

Mineral material properties


The most advanced production process ensures the stability of the physical and mechanical properties of a large number of materials.


Good self-compacting performance

The gel material of nano-grade mineral composition has extremely strong fluidity so that the mineral material has a super-strong self-compacting performance. The entire casting process does not require vibration and pressure to assist casting, and the casting body has excellent porosity and compactness.

Strong shock absorption

The damping performance of mineral castings is more than 10 times that of steel and cast iron and has good shock absorption capacity, which can greatly absorb and attenuate external vibrations. In the cutting process, it brings excellent surface processing quality and higher processing accuracy, while increasing the life of the cutting tool.

High casting precision

Mineral castings can achieve 0.1mm/m casting accuracy on the precision surface through the precise template. The general appearance surface does not need to be mechanically processed, which greatly saves processing costs and shortens the delivery cycle of castings.

Molding ability

Ultra-high-strength polymeric mineral materials have good molding capabilities and can complete more complex shapes. Bolts, gear models and machine tool models are made of polymer materials.

Corrosion resistance

Mineral castings have a good closed cell structure and very low porosity, extremely low permeability, strong corrosion resistance, excellent damping performance and good wear resistance.

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