2021 New Products – High Speed CNC Machine Center V8D

2021 New Products – High Speed CNC Machine Center V8D

The V8D vertical machining center is a three-axis CNC machining machine with excellent cost performance. Equipped with FANUC 0i MF (3) Numerical control system. It can realize drilling, reaming, reaming, countersinking, tapping, milling, boring, etc. Suitable for precision and productivity requirements. And suitable for automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, military, instrument, instrument, electronics, mold and other industries, medium and small discs, plates, shells, valve bodies with high hole pitch precision, etc. The processing is programmed to shorten the production cycle.

The V8D CNC machine center with full cover can effectively prevent splashing of cutting fluid and chips. Optional CNC turntable can realize four-axis coordinate machining. Equipped with a high-precision electric spindle unit produced by a German brand company.


V8D uses the international top industrial lubricant-Hainaker special oil, which effectively reduces the use cost, prolongs the life of the machine tool, maintains the accuracy of the machine tool, and improves the processing efficiency.

V8D machine center



The main parts of the machine tool, such as the bed, column, workbench, and headstock, are all made of high-quality gray cast iron with high seismic performance. And the casting adopts special processing to improve the mechanical properties of the material. The castings have undergone two aging treatments to eliminate the residual stress in the material. The machine tool also suitable for heavy or intermittent cutting, and it has excellent rigidity and excellent shock absorption. At the same time, it has good thermal stability and long-lasting accuracy stability. X/Y/Z axis adopts linear guide structure. And a three-way linear guide with a heavy preloading process. So the machine tool with high speed and high precision, heavy cutting, excellent rigidity, and excellent production efficiency.


The spindle group adopts a high-precision electric spindle unit produced by a German brand company and uses a BT40-16000r/min high-torque electric spindle. The internal coil and bearing are separately cooled to achieve the best cooling effect on the coil. And spindle bearing and reduce the thermal deformation of the spindle. Improve the machining accuracy of the spindle and delay the service life of the spindle bearing. The front cover of the spindle adopts an air curtain protection device to prevent the intrusion of air dust and cutting liquid.


The feed components of the machine tool adopt imported precision ball screws. And the supporting bearings at both ends adopt imported special bearings for the screw, and the ball screws are pre-stretched. The lead screw and the motor are connected by a gapless rigid coupling, with no gap in the transmission, a small moment of inertia, and high transmission rigidity. The machine tool guideway adopts an imported linear guideway. The lead screw and guide rail are equipped with a centralized automatic lubrication device. It provides automatic lubrication for the lead screw, guide rail, and bearing in fixed and quantitative amounts, so that the machine tool is fully lubricated during the movement, and the machine tool’s rapid response characteristics and low-speed feed performance are guaranteed.

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