New Product (1)-Line Boring Machine JRT40

New Product (1)-Line Boring Machine JRT40

WMT CNC line boring machine is mainly used for processing small size pipe bore and concentric interval bore, applying to excavator, crane, truck crane etc.Now we will introduce this hot selling product-JRT40.


  • Modular components make setup quick and easy
  • Flexible and high quality design, aluminum alloy frame make the machine portable
  • Optional facer tool make the machine more versabile
  • Spherical bearing mounts system allow quick setup
  • Gear box allow manual and automatic feed
  • Drive power provide by a brushless DC motor,powerful and stable
  • Could use on repairing the inner wall of the pipes,crane rotary holes,stern shaft holes and rudder holes and so on.


Boring bar dia.and length
Boring dia.range
Facing dia.
dia. 50-260
Power unit
Boring bar rotate speed variable
Axial feed per revolution variable
Axial feed travel
Machining hole face roughness
Machining hole roundness tolerance

Standard access.:

Boring bar: 1set
1500mm length boring bar is more than enough for diary boring, boring bar has rigidity and shock absorption can guarantee high precision machining.
Bearing mounts: 3sets
Different size bearing mounts, this is for supporting the boring bar and for welding the bolts with construction parts.
Bolts for welding: 8sets
Necessary for welding between constructions parts and bearing mounts, this part can be used many times without any damage.
Nylon positioning block:1 set
Nylon positioning block, standard size with light weight, doesn’t rust and damage in any environment.
Tool holder: 3sets
Tool holder were provided for free, customer can prepare cutting tools 12x12x200mm in advance according to cutting requet.
Cutting tools: 3 sets
Three pieces cutting tools were provided for free, HSS cutting tools is the perfect tools for boring the hole, more pieces needed need extra charge, but we will provide factory price on this.
Tools and Spanner: 1 set
Tight and loose the nuts .
Manual operation for JRT40
English operation book is provided, which with detailed instructions on how to assemble the machine and how to use it. Besides, we provide U Disk, you can find the video inside, this is better for zero experience users.

For this machine, you can choose optional accessories according to your requirements.

50-230mm end facing device

50-230mm end facing device

Auto-bore welder with 1500mm depth

Auto-bore welder with 1500mm depth


When you buy our bore welders, please tell us the interface standard of your welder machine, so we can offer the right welding bar for you.

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