New Product (11) – Heavy Duty Engine Lathe CW61125Q

New Product (11) – Heavy Duty Engine Lathe CW61125Q


The machine can perform various turning work, such as end face, external cylindrical surface, turning inner holes, cutting of various threads in Metric, Whitworth, Module, Diametral threads, etc. of the various workpieces. Except for those, by means of the compound rest, the machine can alone cut short taper by power, and by means of the compound rest and through longitudinal feed motion it can also turn long taper by power. The machine is also used for drilling, trepanning, boring, etc. Owing to its powerful power and strong rigidity, the machine is suitable to turn various workpieces made from ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

Specification CW61125
Swing over bed 1250mm
Bed width 755mm
Workpiece length 1500/ 3000/ 5000/ 6000/ 8000/ 15000mm
Swing over toolpost 865mm
Max. turning length 1300/ 2800/ 4800/5800/7800/14800mm
Toolpost feed kinds each spindle rotate 56 kinds
Toolpost cross feed range each spindle rotate 0.1-12mm/r
Toolpost longitudinal feed range each spindle rotate 0.05-6mm/r
Upper toolpost 0.025-3mm/r
Metric thread 43 kinds 1-20mm
Inch thread 29 kinds 28-3/8 teeth / inch
Module thread 45kinds 0.5-60mm
Pitch thread 25 kinds 1-56mm
Spindle bore 130mm
Spindle front taper Metric 140
Spindle speed steps and range forward 21 kinds 2-200r/min
                                              Reverse 12 kinds 2.24-178 r/min
Max.section of tool 45×45mm
Toolpost longitudinal travel 630mm
Upper toolpost travel 300mm
Toolpost rapid movement Longitudinal/Cross/Upper 3470/1870/935mm/min
Center sleeve dia and travel 160×300mm
Tailstock taper MT6
Tailstock longitudinal movement ±25
Main motor Y180L-4 22KW
Main transsion V belt specification 2134C  2235C  2540C
Carriage rapid motor JC02-21-2-1.5KW
Coolant pump JCB-45 0.15KW
Coolant pump flow 45L/min


Maintenance of the Machine

  • The oil level in all oil tanks shall always be not under the center of oil leveler, otherwise, the machine may be damaged due to ineffective lubrication.
  • All oiling points shall be filled with pure oil at regular intervals.
  • Frequently inspect the working of the oil pump ensuring proper lubrication of the headstock and feedbox.
  • Check and adjust the tension of V-belts of the motor at regular intervals.
  • Never start the spindle immediately after starting the main motor of the machine. It is necessary to wait that the lubricating pump work normally and there is oil flowing through the oil window when starting the spindle to
  • make the machine work.
  • With the spindle running at high speed, the changing speed handle is not absolutely allowed to be shifted in any case.
  • The leadscrew is used for thread cutting only. Never use it for turning operations so that its accuracy and serving life can be ensured.
  • When applying steady rest or follower rest, contacting the surface of the supporting block and workpiece should be lubricated.
  • It is necessary to add lubricating oil into the lubricating box for a lubricating guideway every shift for ensuring adequate lubricating when the carriage moving. For the practical lubricating method, refer to “Lubricating of the Machine.”
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