New Product (16) – CNC Milling Machine XH7122 from WMTCNC China

New Product (16) – CNC Milling Machine XH7122 from WMTCNC China

We will introduce our New small CNC milling machine XH7122. It is a combined CNC machine concentrated with various functions of milling machines, drilling machines, and boring. For the workpiece fixed on this machine, it can process milling, drilling, boring, reaming, and can milling on the side edge. It is the best choice for machining the frame of smaller mold and precision milling.

CNC Milling Machine XH7122

CNC Milling Machine XH7122

Main Specification
Specification XH7122
Worktable sizeLxW 700x210mm
T-slot (NxWx D) 4/11/45mm
X axis travel 365mm
Y axis travel 260mm
Z axis travel 440mm
Distance from spindle nose to worktable surface 70-510mm
Distance from spindle center to column 290mm
Rapid feed speedX/Y/Z) 10/10/10m/min
Spindle taper BT30
Spindle speed range 6000rpm
Main motor power 2.2/3.7kw
AC servo motor torqueX/Y/Z) 6/6/6N.m
Over size(LxWxH) 1630x1580x2040mm
N.W 1300kgs
Main Structure and Characters

The main machine have 4 basic parts of machine base, bed, column , worktable, headstock, lubricating system, cooling system.

Machine bed and base
Machine bed and base are one of very important and essential parts, which is the supporting and guiding parts for slide carriage and worktable, and also the essential parts for column support. It has to undertake the effect of bending moment, torque vibrating and temperature changing from working table, sliding saddle, and column from all the directions. It requires enough statistic and dynamic rigidity and high precision in favor of scrap irons removing and heat emitting. The bed and base are made of high rigidity casting materials, and adopted heat symmetry casting structure; Between the two guideways, there are high precision flanged ball-screw with double nuts to get higher positioning precision, repeating position precision and stability of the transmission.

Column and Column assembly
Column and column parts are the major basic kits of this machining center. It is the main body for supporting and orienting of the headstock. It should undertake those bending moment, torque moment, vibration from the headstock in two directions, and undertake the effect from temperature changes. The machine is a CNC Milling machine. Its column’s cross-section is a rectangle. Similar to a square with bigger size to make the column has higher rigidity and bending resistance, torsion resistance and absorbing the vibrating.

Table and table assembly
Table assembly is the most important part for CNC milling to finishing its movement in X and Y directions. It is the basic rule for installing of work-pieces and clamping kits. Its precision and rigidity will directly affect the quality of work-pieces after the machine. It should support the clamping force from the work-piece, and also those cutting force and bending moment and torsion moment brought during the processing. So the worktable and work-table assembly should have higher precision and rigidity.

Headstock structure
The headstock is formed with Head-stock body, BT30spindle unit, Spindle motor, Timely pulley, timely belts. The main drive of the machine is realized by making spindle motor drive the spindle module through gear-type pulley and belt. The main belt driving model is 565-5M,the belt pulley flexibility d is 3~5mm,when adjusting the belt elastic,pls note that the elastic value, Not too tight.

Daily maintenance

1). Check oil level of the auto-lubricating oil box and pay attention to inject.

2) .Check the tri-connector of air resource about the oil level of lubricating cup, water level of water cup and pay attention to inject lubricating oil and water in time.

3) Please don’t make the zero-return operation of 3 axis direction at once after power on, but should make the three axis move by 2 or 3 times within max. travel range at low speed manually and then begin the zero-return operation.

4) After operation to close the machine everyday, please first cut off power in turn, first for NC power, and then the whole power. After machine is closed, please clean out the cutting chips and coolant liquid splashed everywhere. If necessary, should paint some anti-rusty on the bare-metal working surface.

5) In order to keep the electrical device clean, all the doors or covers of electrical control cabinet should be closed during operation. Try not to use compressed air to clean the cutting chips or dust. Prohibit to use compressed air to clean the interior of the electrical control box.

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