New Product (5)-Vertical Machining Center VH Series

New Product (5)-Vertical Machining Center VH Series

WMTCNC has a professional R & D team, we independently develop and constantly update our machines. Last week we produced a new CNC milling machine VH9.

For this machine,all structural parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron in combination with extra wide base design, which are hardened by heat treatment and tempered to relieve stress. The structural parts provide an excellent supporting rigidity and dynamic accuracy while ensuring the optimal structural rigidity of the entire machine.And the column structure features large span combined with hand scraping on the contact surfaces between the column and the base, ensuring high assembling accuracy, structural strength and uniform loading.

Specification VH-9
Worktable size (L×W) 1000x550mm
T-slot (N×W×D) 5x100x18mm
X/Y/Z axis travel 930x570x570mm
Distance from spindle center to column front 630mm
Distance from spindle end to work table 130-700mm
Spindle taper BT40
Spindle power 11/15kw
Belt-drive spindle speed 10000rpm
Direct-drive spindle speed 12000rpm
Max. feed speed (X/Y/Z) 48/48/48m/min
Positioning accuracy
Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) ±0.005/300mm
Re-positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) ±0.002/300mm
Machine dimension
L×W×H 2700x2350x2500mm
Machine weight
Max. load bearing of worktable 600kgs
Machine weight 6000kgs


Machine details as below:

Specific Guarantee for Machining Quality

The spindle runs in class P4 extra high precision bearings, making the machine ideal for various precision machining and high speed cutting. And the spindle body and the spindle motor are subjected to rigorous dynamic test in-house so as to achieve the maximum stability and extreme cutting capabilities.

High Precision Axis Feed System

High precision linear guide ways on three axes provide the best control and moving efficiency.Three axes are transmitted through class C3 high precision ball screws which have been pretensioned and preloaded. And three axes are mounted with precision P class, heavy duty ball type or roller type linear guide ways with extra wide blocks that upgrade the loading capacity of the table.The use of high precision nut that rotates ball screw that provides outstanding rigidity in heavy cutting, thereby ensuring high machining accuracy and long service life of ball screw.

High speed automatic tool changer

Available to equip with a 24 tools arm type tool changer. The sufficient tool numbers will meet various machining requirements.Standard random tool selection function will lead to shortened tool change time while increasing machining efficiency.

User-friendly Operation Panel

The centralized operation panel is a user-friendly design with beautiful appearance.

Various controllers to select: Mitsubishi, Fanuc,Siemens and Fagor

Optional Accessories:

Coolant Through Spindle

The coolant through spindle is ideal for deep hole machining that not only fast removes chips, but also reduces heat on the tool and workpiece during cutting.

Workpiece Measurement Device

It performs automatic measurement to reduce machine down time and reduce human error. And automatic compensation for workpiece coordination and workpiece.Upgrading product quality while lowering defect percentage.

Tool Length Measurement Device

With the automatic tool length measurement device, the measurement values of tool length will be automatically input into the controller for compensation.

The 4th Axis Rotary Table

With the use of the 4th axis rotary table, it allows to perform multi-sides machining with only one setup. It helps to reduce non-cutting time due to workpiece loading/unloading. Making it suitable for high precision parts machining requiring high efficiency and high accuracy.

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