New Product – High Speed CNC Machining Center VH11

New Product – High Speed CNC Machining Center VH11

Vertical machining centers VH11 are mainly used to process high-precision, multi-process, and complex-shaped parts such as plates, disks, shells, molds, etc., and can continuously complete milling, drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, and boring in one clamping. The precise processing of tapping and two-dimensional and three-dimensional curved surfaces and inclined surfaces can be programmed, which shortens the production cycle and enables users to obtain good economic benefits.


The VH11 vertical high-speed machining center is one of the products with independent intellectual property rights developed by WMTCNC. The machine tool adopts a mechatronics structure, and uses three-dimensional design software (Pro/E) and finite element analysis software (Ansys) for optimal design, which makes the machine structure design more reasonable, and the machine rigidity, accuracy retention, and reliability approach perfection. By introducing advanced design concepts and scientific design methods, the unavoidable shortcomings of traditional design have been solved.


Function and feature description


1. Machine

The VH11 vertical high-speed machining center adopts a vertical frame layout. The column is fixed on the bed headstock and moves up and down along the column (Z direction), the sliding seat moves longitudinally along the bed (Y direction), and the worktable moves horizontally along the sliding seat (X To) the structure. The bed, worktable, sliding seat, column, headstock and other large parts are all made of high-strength cast iron materials, and the shape is resin sand technology, and aging treatment eliminates stress. These large parts are optimized by Pro/E and Ansys to improve the rigidity and stability of the large parts and the whole machine, and effectively suppress the deformation and vibration of the machine tool caused by the cutting force.


2. Drive system

The three-axis guideway adopts imported rolling linear guides, which have low dynamic and static friction, high sensitivity, low high-speed vibration, low-speed no creep, high positioning accuracy, excellent servo drive performance, and improve the accuracy and precision stability of the machine tool. The three-axis servo motor is directly connected to the high-precision ball screw through the elastic coupling, reducing the intermediate links, realizing a backlash-free transmission, flexible feeding, accurate positioning and high transmission accuracy. The Z-axis servo motor has an automatic brake function. In the event of a power failure, the automatic brake can hold the motor shaft tightly so that it cannot rotate, which plays a role of safety protection.


3. Spindle group

The spindle group is produced by a professional Taiwan manufacturer, with high precision and high rigidity. The bearing adopts P4 grade spindle special bearing. After the whole spindle is assembled under constant temperature conditions, it passes dynamic balance correction and running-in test, which improves the service life and reliability of the whole spindle. The spindle can realize stepless speed regulation within its speed range, and the spindle is controlled by a built-in motor encoder, which can realize spindle orientation and rigid tapping functions.


4.Tool library

The Taiwan original manipulator tool arm type tool magazine is installed on the side of the column. The cutter head is driven and positioned by the roller cam mechanism during tool change. After the spindle reaches the tool change position, the robot tool changer (ATC) completes the tool return and feed , ATC is a gear hobbing cam mechanism, which can run at high speed without noise after preloading, making the tool change process fast and accurate.


5. Cooling system

Equipped with a large-flow cooling pump and a large-capacity water tank to fully ensure circulating cooling. The end of the spindle box is equipped with cooling nozzles, which can be water-cooled or air-cooled and can be switched at will. The cooling process can be controlled through an M code or control panel. Equipped with a cleaning air gun to clean the machine tool.

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