New Product(9) – DIY Lathe DIY0714 For Hobby and Education

New Product(9) – DIY Lathe DIY0714 For Hobby and Education

Our customer shows this DIY Lathe  DIY0714 in Youtube.

This precision DIY lathe is designed to perform various types of processing jobs. Counterface turning, drilling, thresding, and cutting jobs on materials made up of round bar and bar materials can be performed with this machine. This machine can be used in areas such as mini precision parts prcoessing, sample processing and modeling works.


Operation & Replacement

Replacement of chuck

When replacing the chuck, place a cloth or a piece of wood on the bed way at the buttom of the chuck. This is to avoid damage to the bed way caused by carelessly dropping the chuck.


Replacement of jaws

There are two types of jaws: Internal and external. Please note that the number of jaws fit with the number inside the chuck’s groove. Do not mix them together. When you are going to mount them, please mount them in ascending order 1-2-3, when you are going to take them out, be sure to take them out in descending order (3-2-1) one by one. After you finishe this procedure, rotate the jaws to the smallest diameter and check that the three jaws are well fitted. If not you need to reassemble them again as they are not properly assembled. When you are going yo mount the workpiece you need only to loosen one jaw. However, we recommend you loosen the three jaws at the same time. In this way you can protect them and will not damage the thread inside.


Tailstock rest adjustment

When you are going to change position or replace the tailstock, you need to loosen the nut.


Replacement of carbon brushes

Replace the carbon brushes by removing the brush covers both on Motor covers and the right button side of speed controller.


Tool post adjustment

When you are going to adjust the tool position, you only need to loosen the lever. After you have finished be sure to tighten. If you are going to replace the work cutter, then you need yo loosen the screws with the allen wrench provided.


If you are interested in DIY lathe machine, please contact us for more infromation.

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