• Table dia.:1400mm
  • Max. turning dia.:1600mm
  • Max. workpiece height: 1000,*1200,*1400,*1600mm
  • Max. workpiece weight: 5t
  • Max.torque of table: 30KN.m
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    C51 series is a professional product designed according to the needs of motor, valve, pump,bearing,automobile,and other industries.This vertical turret lathe machine is suitable for high-speed steel and carbide tools,focusing on roughing and finishing of inner and other cylindrical surface,end face and grooving of ferrous metal,non-ferrous metal and some non-metal parts.

    The machine is easy to operate due to simple structure and convenient maintenance.The operate could operate the lathe by manipulating the handle and the buttons of the hanging button station for turning work.


    Specification C5116
    Table dia. 1400mm
    Max. turning dia. 1600mm
    Max. workpiece height 1000,*1200,*1400,*1600mm
    Max. workpiece weight 5t
    Max.torque of table 30KN.m
    Table rotation speed range 5-160,*6.3-200r/min
    Max cutting force of the vertical holder 22KN
    Verticai toolholder move limi ±30°
    Range of feed rates (12step) 0.8-86mm/min
    Horizontal travel of rail head 915mm
     Ram travel of rail head 800mm
    Crossbeam travel 850mm
    Vertical stroke 650mm
    Horizontal Stroke 630mm
    Feed Range 0.8-86mm/min
    Number of feed steps 12级
    Fast moving speed of tool heads 1800mm/min
    Beam lift speed 440mm/min
    Tool bar section sizeWxD) 30x40mm
    Main motor power 30kw
    Overall size(LxWxH) 4000x4350x3060,*3260,*3460,*3660mm
    Machine weight 12.5t,*13t,*13.5t,*14.2t

    Main Features

    Conventional vertical turret lathe machine with single column;

    Rigid column and stable;

    DRO optional;

    Precise cutting for heavy metal parts.

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