• Max Bar Diamater: 25mm
  • Main Spindle Through-hole Diameter: 26mm
  • X Axis Travel: 400mm
  • Z Axis Travel: 300mm
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    CK0625A cnc lathe metal has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency and low price. Various processing functions and good precision stability. The side live tool or end live tool can be selected according to the processing needs of parts to meet the processing requirements of different users. Equipped with automatic feeder automatic production can be achieved.


    Specification CK0625A
    Power Total Input Power 4.5kW
    CNC System Minimum Set Unit 0.001mm
    X Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.0005mm
    Z Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.001mm
    Max. Program 土9999.999
    Cutting Speed 1-4000mm/min
    X Axis Rapid Feed Speed 22000mm/min
    Z Axis Rapid Feed Speed 26000mm/min
    Main Spindle Max Bar Diamater Φ25mm
    Main Spindle Through-hole Diameter Φ26mm
    Max. Rotate Diameter Φ300mm
    Main Spindle Center Height from Ground 930mm
    Main Spindle Speed 0-6000r/min
    Main Spindle Motor Power 2.2kW
    Travel X Axis Travel 400mm (Diameter)
    Z Axis Travel 300mm
    X Axis Servo Motor Power 1kW
    Z Axis Servo Motor Power 1kW
    Guide Rail Form Linear Guide Rail
    Gang Tooling System T Notch 6pcs
    16*16 square blade 4pcs
    ER20/Φ25 2pcs
    Cooling System Motor Power for Cutting Oil 0.12kW
    Cooling Tank Capacity 120L
    Lubrication System Motor Power 100W
    Capacity 1L
    Hydraulic System Hydraulic Motor Power 0.75kW
    Machine Size Length*Width*Height 1405*1050*1650mm
    Machine Weight 1000kg

    Main Features

    cnc lathe metal

    Mid-mounted and prestretched lead screw mounting increases the rigidity and precision of the machine. Row knife type tool holder structure, fast tool change and time saving, high positioning accuracy and high production efficiency. The sleeve spindle unit structure ensures the accuracy of product processing at high machine speeds.

    It is suitable for mass processing and single piece processing of instruments,meter, selectronic connectors, optics, auto partshardware and other precision parts, and can meet various turning requirements of different users.


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