• Chukc size: 400mm
  • Max. swing over bed: 1250mm
  • Spindle bore: 105mm
  • Spindle taper: Metric1:20/120
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    CNC turret lathe CK61125 The bed is adopted high strength cast iron, after 3-time tempering so that it has high rigidity and vibration resistance. Big spindle bore lathe is mainly a special machine tool for pipe thread turning processing, and it can also be used for turning outer circle, boring and flat surface of common lathe. It is applied to processing and repairing drill pipe, drill collar, square drill pipe and casing in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, hydropower and geological departments.


    Specification CK61125
    Chuck size 3-jaw chuck(400)/4-jaw chuck(1000)
    Max. swing dia. over bed 1250mm
    Distance between center 1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000mm
    Max. swing dia. over slide 930mm/860mm
    Width of bed 600/650mm/755mm
    Spindle speed range 25-700r/min/10-300r/min
    Mode of spindle speed Three gears,Variable speed in one gear
    Spindle bore 105mm/140mm
    Spindle nose C11/A2-15
    Taper of spindle Metric1:20/120/Metric1:20/150
    X axis travel 630mm
    Z axis travel 1500mm
    X/Z axis rapid traverse 4000/5000mm/min
    X Axis Motor Speed 1500r/min
    X Axis Motor Torgue 15N.m/22N.m
    X Axis Motor Power 2.4kw/3.5kw
    Z Axis Motor Speed 1500r/min
    Z Axis Motor Torgue 22N.m/30N.m
    Z Axis Motor Power 3.5kw/4.7kw
    External diameter 100mm
    Travel of tailstock quill 250mm/300mm
    Taper of tailstock quill Morse No. 6
    X/Z ballscrew X=32/Z=63 for 1.5/2m,Z=80mm for 3m/3m+
    Type Electrical type
    Electric tool-post Model HAK-21280/SLD170A
    No. of tool stations 4 position
    Max. section of tool 32x32mm
    Turret indexing time 4.1s
    Spindle motor power 15/22kw
    Coolant pump power 0.125KW
    Positioning accuracy 0.02mm
    Re-positioning accuracy 0.01mm
    Machine Dimensions
    Overal dimension (L×W×H) 3800×2300×2150mm for 1.5M
    Packing size(L×W×H) 4050*2300*2400mm for 1.5M
    N.w 8.5t


    • With feeding motor and leadscrew for type of direct connection, it can assure the machining precision and positioning accuracy.
    • Headstock takes symmetrical structure to make thermal deformation be even, avoiding the spindle center generates offsets.
    • Headstock adopts oil bath circulating lubrication to reduce thermal deformation;
    • Frond end of the spindle adopts three-supporting structure of two-way angular in touch with the ball bearing to improve its accuracy and enhance its rigidity;
    • Gears in headstock and guide way are processed by quenching to ensure accurate transmission and high rigidity.


    Machine details

    cnc turret lathe

    cnc turret lathe

    cnc turret lathe


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