• Max.bar dia.: 12mm
  • Main spindle bore dia.: 16mm
  • Main spindle speed: 10000(Rotary guide sleeve 8000) r/min
  • Repositioning accuracy: ≤0.003
  • Main spindle: 1.5.kw
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    CNC lathe swiss machine YB125 with high-performance cast iron: Stable structural design, high-quality Meehanna cast iron (meehanite metal) whole bed and drag plate, strong rigidity and good stability. Widely used in communication, electronics, automotive, pneumatic and hydraulic, medical, instrumentation, aviation and other industries for complex, small, precision, slender shaft parts machining.


    Model YB125
    Processing capacity Max.bar dia. (mm) Ф12
    Main spindle bore dia. (mm) Ф16
    Max machining length (mm) No guide sleeve 2.5D(Maximum 30)
    Fixed guide sleeve 180
    Rotary guide sleeve 60
    Max. clamping dia. of back spindle (mm) Ф12
    Max. drilling dia. of  main spindle (mm) Ф7
    Max. tapping dia. of main spindle (mm) M6
    Max. drilling dia. of  back spindle (mm) Ф7
    Max. tapping dia. of back spindle (mm) M6
    Max. drilling dia. of  radial live tool (mm) Ф6
    Max. tapping dia. of radial live tool (mm) M5
    Mechanical Capacity Main spindle speed(r/min) 10000(Rotary guide sleeve 8000)
    Back spindle speed(r/min) 10000
    Radial live tool speed(r/min) 6000
    Rapid traverse speed (m/min) 30(X2、Y1、Z1)
    Spindle run out(mm) ≤0.002
    Repositioning accuracy ≤0.003
    Tooling Systems Cylindrical tool 5(¨10)
    End face machining tool 4(ER11)
    Radial live tool 4(ER11)
    Back live tool 4(ER11)
    Motor Power Main spindle (kW) 1.5
    Back spindle (kW) 1.5
    Linear drive shaft (kW) 0.75
    Radial live tool (kW) 0.75
    Back live tool (kW) 0.75(Optional)
    Coolant pump (kW) 0.25
    Machine weight (kg) 1800
    Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 2100×1100×1700

    Main Features

    1. CNC system: Standard Taiwan new generation system, dual-channel control, high efficiency, high precision. Japan Mitsubishi system can be selected according to customer needs.

    2. High-precision spindle: Machine tool spindle bearing adopts imported high-precision angular contact bearings to ensure high rigidity of the spindle and long-lasting precision retention, spindle runout ≤ 2μm.

    3. High-precision feeding: Servo-driven feeding axes, imported high-precision screw bearings, imported high-precision screw guide, to ensure machining accuracy and long-time precision maintenance, feeding the repeatability of the positioning accuracy of each axis ≤ 3μm.

    4. Guide sleeve structure: It can realise quick switching between guide sleeve mode and non-guide sleeve mode to meet diversified machining requirements.

    5. Tooling system: The machine adopts vertical double-row tooling structure with compact structure and fast tooling change. Configuration of radial power tooling can meet the needs of complex turning, milling, drilling and other processes of composite machining.

    6. Automation: Through the configuration of automatic feeding machine, it can realise automatic continuous processing.

    Machine Details

    cnc lathe swiss YB125

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