• Certification: ISO9001 CE
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Warranty:  13 months
  • Voltage: As customers’ requirement
  • Color: As customers’ requirement
  • After-sale service: Available
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    M1420H/F universal cylindrical grinding machine is the latest up to upgrade products. For grinding the workpiece of inner and outer cylindrical and tapered, the most suitable for single piece and small batch production use.


    Description M1420H/F×500 M1420H/F×800
    Grinding diamaters with steady-rest (O.D.) 8/60 mm 8/60 mm
    Grinding diamaters without steady-rest (O.D.) 8/200 mm 8/200 mm
    Grinding diamaters with steady-rest (I.D.) 35/100 mm 35/100 mm
    Grinding diamaters without steady-rest (I.D.) 25/100 mm 25/100 mm
    Max. workpiece weight 50 kg 50 kg
    Grinding length(O.D/I.D) 500/125 mm 800/125 mm
    Center height 135 mm 135 mm
    Distance between centers 500mm 800mm
    External wheel size Max.Φ400×50×Φ203 mm
    Min.Φ280×50×Φ203 mm
    Max.Φ400×50×Φ203 mm
    Min.Φ280×50×Φ203 mm
    Max. peipheral speed of grinding wheel 38 m/s 38 m/s
    Wheel size for internal grinding attachment Max.Φ50×40×Φ16 mm
    Min.Φ45×35×Φ10 mm
    Max.Φ50×40×Φ16 mm
    Min.Φ45×35×Φ10 mm
    Internal wheel spindle rotating-speed 1670 r/min 1670 r/min
    Wheelhead rapid advance and retreat 25mm 25mm
    Headstockand tailstock center MT4 MT4
    Swivel range of worktable -5~+7° -3~+6°
    Worktable speed 0.1~4 m/min 0.1~4 m/min
    Max. travel of table 650 mm 950 mm
    Spindle speed of headstock 50Hz:25~380 stepless r/min
    60Hz:30-456 steplesss r/min
    50Hz:25~380 stepless r/min
    60Hz:30-456 steplesss r/min
    Machine motor power 5.625 kw 5.625 kw
    Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 2500×1600×1000 mm 3000×1600×1000 mm
    Machine weight 2500 kg 3000 kg

    Main Features

    1.The machine has the characteristics of high cutting precision, strong rigidity and high efficiency. Suitable for grinding cylindrical and conical workpieces.

    2.Machine workpiece, outer round grinding wheel, inner ring grinding wheel, oil pump and cooling pump are driven by independent motors.

    3.The longitudinal movement of the machine table can be driven by hydraulic stepless speed change, or by handwheel, and the workbench is lubricated in the form of small hole throttling and unloading.

    4.Each moving part of the machine tool has electrical, hydraulic and mechanical interlocking mechanisms, so the operation is safe and reliable.

    Machine Details

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