• Certification: ISO9001 CE
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Warranty:  13 months
  • Voltage: As customers’ requirement
  • Color: As customers’ requirement
  • After-sale service: Available
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    Metal surface grinder M7140 is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. Applicable to all kinds of processing machinery, auto parts, fixture, magnetic steel, mold parts processing industry. And the machine tool can be made of grinding steel, iron, ceramics, and non-ferrous metal parts.


    Specification M7140x10/16/20/25/30
    Size of worktable (LxWxH) 1000/1600/2000/2500/3000x400x400 mm
    Max.Longitudinal movement of worktable 1100 mm 1700 mm
    Max. Distance from the spindle centerline to the worktable surface 580 mm 770 mm
    Max.Cross movement grinding head 450 mm 450 mm
    Vertical movement of the
    grinding head by handwheel
    Per graduation 0.01 mm
    Per revolution 1 mm
    Rapid lifting motor Power 0.37 Kw
    Speed 1440 r/min
    Abrasive wheel dim (D x d x w) ∅ 350x40x127 mm
    Speed of ginding wheel 1440 r/min
    Total power of motor 11 Kw 13.5 Kw
    Power of spindle motor 7.5 Kw 7.5 Kw
    Power of oil pump motor 3 Kw 5.5 Kw
    Parallelism of Work piece Surface to Base level 300: 0.008 mm
    Surface roughness Ra:0.63 μm
    N/G weight 4100/4600 Kg 5600/6200 Kg
    Package (LxWxH) 2800x1750x2350 mm 4300x1700x2480 mm

    Main Features

    Robust construction and heavy-duty design.

    The longitudinal movement of the working table is driven by hydraulic power. Stepless speed regulating.

    The longitudinal movement of the grinding head is driven by hydraulic power. Stepless speed regulating.

    The grinding head is equipped with a fast speed lifting motor, which increase efficiency.

    The vertical and horizontal railway for grinding head is pasted with PTFE soft belt. Good wear resistance.

    High precision, good stability, and low noise.

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