• Max Bar Diamater: 20mm
  • Main Spindle Through-hole Diameter: 21mm
  • X Axis Travel: 500mm
  • Z Axis Travel:200mm
  • Brand: WMTCNC

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    CK201-Y small gang tool cnc lathe is a practical and economical lathe developed according to the actual needs of the majority of machining users. It has the characteristics of simple and practical, convenient operation, high machining accuracy, etc. It can realise the processing of complex parts such as straight line, taper, arc, thread, etc. It is especially suitable for the single piece and mass production products with complex forms of parts, such as all kinds of instruments, meters, electronic products, miniature components, connectors, eyeglasses, clocks and watches, cigarette lighters, and all kinds of small hardware accessories, etc. The CNC system is easy to operate and reliable. The programming language adopts ISO code in line with international standards and is optimised according to specific conditions. Since the small gang tool cnc lathe is put into the market, the users use it well and get wide praise.


    Specification CK201-Y
    Power Total Input Power 4kW
    CNC System Minimum Set Unit 0.001mm
    X Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.0005mm
    Z Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.001mm
    Max. Program 土9999.999
    Cutting Speed 1-4000mm/min
    X Axis Rapid Feed Speed 22000mm/min
    Z Axis Rapid Feed Speed 22000mm/min
    Main Spindle Max Bar Diamater Φ20mm
    Main Spindle Through-hole Diameter Φ21mm
    Max. Rotate Diameter Φ200mm
    Main Spindle Center Height from Ground 1000mm
    Main Spindle Speed 0-5000r/min
    Main Spindle Motor Power 2kW
    Travel X Axis Travel 500mm (Diameter)
    Z Axis Travel 200mm
    X Axis Servo Motor Power 0.75kW
    Z Axis Servo Motor Power 0.75kW
    Guide Rail Form Linear Guide Rail
    Gang Tooling System T Notch 10pcs
    16*16 square blade 2pcs
    10*10 square blade 4pcs
    8*8 square blade 2pcs
    ER11/Φ16 2pcs
    Cooling System Motor Power for Cutting Oil 0.12kW
    Cooling Tank Capacity 45L
    Lubrication System Motor Power 40W
    Capacity 2L
    Pneumatic System Input Compressed Air Pressure 0.4–0.6Mpa
    Machine Size Length*Width*Height 1150*1220*1750
    Machine Weight 800kg

    Main Features

    small gang tool cnc lathe

    It equipped with Y-axis side power head to meet the needs of complex turning, milling and drilling combined processing.

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