• Worktable size:1320x1010mm
  • Spindle dia.: 110mm
  • Spindle bore: ISO50
  • Spindle power:15kw
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    Boring milling machine TK611C  in the basis of the traditional boring to optimize the design, the machine tool can be widely used in the Box Body, Shell, Engine Base, large parts processing Drilling, Boring, Broaching, Reaming, Spot-facing, Milling flat, Turning thread cutting, etc. Especially suitable for large medium-sized of box parts and rough boring, Finished boring, milling and another machining process.


    This machine equipped with a single column, side hung box, four-point positioning worktable, manual rotation (optional Hirth CNC turret 360×1 °indexing).

    X, Y, Z axis controlled by CNC system, could realize simultaneous motion.

    Boring axis’ flexible and axis of facing head are controlled by servo motor, can realize automatic processing

    X, Y, Z axis with rectangular sliding guide .Teflon plastic paste process, shock absorption, and high precision

    The spindle box with counterweight balance, spindle and axis of facing head are controlled by AC servo motor.


    Specification TK611C TK611C/4
    Worktable size 1320×1010mm
    Max. loading of worktable 5000Kg
    Spindle diameter 110mm
    Spindle taper (7:24) NO. 50
    Spindle speed 12-1100mm
    Spindle power 15kw
    Max. spindle torque 1100Nm
    Rotary table speed 125r/min
    X axis travel 1200mm 1800mm
    Y axis travel 1200mm 1200mm
    Z axis travel 1300mm
    W axis travel 550mm
    Horizontal rotary table slider stroke U 125mm
    Table rotation B N/A
    X/Y/Z axis feed speed 20-1000mm/min
    W axis feed speed 20-1000mm/min
    B axis feed speed N/A
    U axis feed speed 0. 2-80mm/min
    X/Y/Z axis rapid feed speed 10m/min
    W axis rapid feed speed 5m/min
    B axis rapid feed speed N/A
    U axis rapid feed speed 80mm/min
    Tool shank type BT50
    Retention knob standard BT50
    X/Y/Z/W axis positioning accuracy 0.03mm
    B axis positioning accuracy of any angle N/A
    Four point positioning of worktable 12″
    X/Y/Z/W axis re-positioning accuracy 0.02mm
    B axis re-positioning accuracy of any angle N/A
    Total power capacity 50kVA
    Machine dimensions 5500×3050×2900mm 5500×3800×3300mm
    CNC system FANUC-0i Mf Plus

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