• Worktable size:1100x960mm
  • Spindle dia.: 110mm
  • Spindle bore: MT6
  • Spindle power:7.5kw
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    TPX611 Boring Mill Machine series machine tools are ordinary horizontal milling and boring machines with single column, side hanging box and cross sliding table structure. They are reinforced boring bars of similar machine tools and are mainly suitable for plane milling and hole machining of box parts.


    1.Each guide rail of the machine tool adopts rectangular guide rail with wide cross section, PTFE special guide veneer, match with artificial fine scraping, wear resistance and pressure resistance, the rigidity and stability of the machine tool is good.

    2.The end of the spindle box is equipped with a flat rotary disk, which can bore larger holes and planes.

    3.The worktable is 4×90 degrees, and adopts four-point manual single-pin positioning structure, which ensures accurate and reliable positioning.

    4.Each guide rail adopts centralized timing and quantitative lubrication system to ensure that all moving parts are flexible and reliable.

    5.The machine tool is equipped with X and Y coordinate grating digital display, which is accurate and reliable.

    6.You can choose a change gear bracket to cut threads and expand the machining range of the machine tool.


    Specification TPX6111B/2
    Spindle diameter 110mm
    Max.torque of spindle 1225N.m
    Max.torque of radial slide 1960N.m
    Max.axial thrust of spindle 12250N
    Spindle taper MT6(Optional:ISO50 7:24)
    Worktable size  (L×W) 1100X960mm
    Worktable travel Longitudinal(Z) 1400mm
    Cross(X) 1250mm
    Distance from spindle center line to worktable surface Max.(Y) 900mm
    Min. 0mm of spindle 600mm of radial facing slide 180mm
    Max.permissible load of table 2500kgs
    Speed number of spindle 22 steps
    Speed range of spindle 8-1000r/min
    Speed number of radial facing slide 18 steps
    Speed range of radial facing slide 4-200r/min
    Rapid traverse speed of spindle, headstock, cross & longitudinal saddles 2500mm/min
    Rapid speed of rotary table 1r/min
    Feed number of spindle, headstock and table per spindle revolution 18 steps(H/L speed)
    Feed steps of radial slide on facing head, headstock,
    cross & longitudinal saddles per facing head rotation
    18 steps
    Feed range of radial slide on facing head, headstock,
    cross & longitudinal saddles per facing head revolution
    Feed range of spindle, headstock, cross & longitudinal saddles per spindle revolution When spindle speed is 8-400r/min 0.04-6mm(0.0016-0.2362″)
    When spindle speed is 500-1000r/min 0.01-1.88mm(0.0004-0.074″)
    Reading accuracy of measuring system Metric 0.005mm
    Inch 0.0005″
    Boring accuracy IT7
    Roughness of boring hole
    Boring diameter(Distance between spindle nose and tool tip ≤450mm) ∅50-∅240mm
    Main motor power 7.5kw
    Rapid motor power 3kw
    Overall dimension(L×W×H) 4930×2870×2750mm
    Machine weight (approx) 14500kg

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