• Max Bar Diamater: 20mm
  • Main Spindle Through-hole Diameter: 21mm
  • X Axis Travel: 300mm
  • Z Axis Travel:200mm
  • Brand: WMTCNC

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    CK0620A2 turning machine has the characteristics of simple practical, easily operate, high accuracy processing. It can achieve the processing of complex parts such as straight line, taper, arc, thread, etc. It is especially suitable for the single piece and mass production products with complex forms of parts. CK0620A2 turning machine equipped with center rest, can process slender shaft type workpieces, convenient as sliding headstock lathe. The function of CNC system is integrity, easily operate. Equipped with automatic feeder, achieve automatic production.


    Specification CK0620A2
    Power Total Input Power 3.2kw
    CNC System Minimum Set Unit 0.001mm
    X Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.0005mm
    Z Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.001mm
    Max. Program 土9999.999
    Cutting Speed 1-4000mm/min
    X Axis Rapid Feed Speed 15000mm/min
    Z Axis Rapid Feed Speed 18000mm/min
    Main Spindle Max Bar Diamater Φ20mm
    Main Spindle Through-hole Diameter Φ21mm
    Max. Rotate Diameter Φ200mm
    Main Spindle Center Height from Ground 1000mm
    Main Spindle Speed 0-5000r/min
    Main Spindle Motor Power 2.2kW
    Travel X Axis Travel 300mm (Diameter)
    Z Axis Travel 200mm
    X Axis Servo Motor Power 0.4kW
    Z Axis Servo Motor Power 0.4kW
    Guide Rail Form Linear Guide Rail
    Gang Tooling System T Notch 6pcs
    10*10+16*16 square blade 2pcs+2pcs
    ER11/Φ16 2pcs

    Main Features

    The height-adjustable tool holder is convenient for tool adjustment and turning.It can be equipped with an automatic feeder, and can be widely used in production and processing of automated production lines. It has a reasonable layout, compact appearance and small footprint.


    With the addition of a center frame, the machine can process slender shafts like a sliding headstock cnc lathe, and the size of the center frame chuck can be finely adjusted.

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