• Certification: ISO9001 CE
  • Type: Vertical
  • Warranty:  13 months
  • Voltage: As customers’ requirement
  • Color: As customers’ requirement
  • After-sale service: Available
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    Widely used in mechanical processing, mold, instruments, instruments and other industries. The main components, such as base, fuselage, worktable, middle slide, lift slide and so on, are cast with high strength material, and the stability of machine tool is ensured by artificial aging.


    • Universal milling machine
    • vertical milling variable speed
    • X/Y axis auto feedidng


    Specification X6325W
    Table size 1270X254mm
    T slot 3/16/65
    Longitudinal travel 750mm(850manually)
    Cross travel 400mm
    Vertical travel 400mm
    Quill travel 127mm
    Spinedle and Column distance 155-635mm
    Spindle and table distance 0-640mm
    Arm travel 400mm
    Milling head tilting 90(left right)45(front back)
    Spindle taper R8(V);NT40(H)
    Spindle speed 66-4540(V);40-1300(H)r/min
    Spindle motor power 2.2(V);3(H)kw
    Table load 350kg
    Overall size 1750x1530x2340mm
    Net weight 1380kg

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