• Worktable size: 1000x500mm
  • X/Y/Z axis travel: 800/500/550mm
  • Spindle bore: BT40
  • Spindle speed: 12000rpm
  • Spindle power: 7.5kw
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    The V8P high-speed machining center, developed by WMTCNC, exemplifies a cutting-edge international standard in design and construction. This modern vertical machining center integrates high-quality components and spare parts, guaranteeing exceptional performance and delivering outstanding results in precise element machining and mold processing applications.

    The vertical machining center V8P is characterized by its robust structure, which ensures remarkable rigidity and long-term stability. This sturdy construction enables the machine to withstand the demands of high-speed operations while maintaining consistent and reliable performance over extended periods of use.


    Specification Unit V8P
    Worktable size mm 1000*500
    T-slot size mm 5-18*100
    Max. loading of worktable kg 600
    X/Y/Z 3 axis Travel mm 850/500/550
    Distance from column to spindle center mm 582
    Distance from table surface to spindle nose mm 120-670
    Spindle hole taper BT40
    Spindle power kw 7.5/11
    Max. spindle speed rpm 12000
    Max. feed speed mm/min 12000
    Rapid feed speed m/min 48/48/32
    Tool magazine capacity T 24
    Tool change time S 2.5
    Positioning accuracy mm 0.008
    Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.004
    Machine dimension mm 2460*2355*2860
    Machine weight kg 5500

    Main Features

    1. Enhanced Spindle Rigidity: The contact ratio between the spindle case and column has been increased, ensuring superior spindle rigidity. This feature promotes stability and accuracy during high-speed operations.
    2. Wide Machine Body Span: With a generous 1100mm width, the machine body span provides optimal support for fast feed rates along the X and Y axes. This design facilitates efficient and rapid movement during machining processes.
    3. Sturdy “Pyramid” Column: The V8P incorporates a large “pyramid” column with a closed inner cavity. This design offers a low center of gravity while maintaining high rigidity, providing robust support for the Z axis. It ensures stability and precision during vertical movements.
    4. Carrying Tool Magazine: The machine is equipped with a shoulder carrying tool magazine, which contributes to the geometric accuracy and stability of the Z axis. This feature minimizes deformation even when the column is loaded with the weight of the tool magazine.
    5. Preloaded and Double Anchored Ball Screw: The V8P utilizes preloaded and double anchored ball screws in its construction.


    Machine details

    vertical machining center

    GSK, Fanuc, Siemens controller as optional selection

    Disk type ATC 24pcs

    Disk type ATC 24pcs

    vertical machining center

    Spindle unit BT40

    Machine frame

    Machine frame



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