• Worktable size: 1400x700mm
  • X/Y/Z axis travel: 1300/700/700mm
  • Spindle bore: BT40
  • Spindle speed: 8000rpm
  • Spindle power:11kw
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    Introducing the WMTCNC 5 Axis CNC VMC1370L Vertical Machining Center, a cutting-edge precision machine designed to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled results. With its BT40 spindle and a rapid speed of 8000 RPM, this versatile machining center is built to tackle a wide range of machining tasks with ease.

    Equipped with the capability to accommodate a fourth or fifth axis, the 5 axis cnc vertical machining center VMC1370L offers enhanced flexibility, allowing you to expand your machining capabilities and tackle complex projects with precision and efficiency.

    WMTCNC brand is known for its commitment to excellence, and the 5 Axis CNC VMC1370L is no exception. This vertical five-axis CNC machining center is built with robust rigidity, ensuring optimal stability and long-term reliability. Whether you’re working on small-scale projects or large-scale production, this machine is designed to provide consistent and accurate performance, delivering impeccable results every time.

    Experience the perfect blend of power, precision, and stability with the WMTCNC VMC1370L Vertical Machining Center. Unleash your creativity and unlock new possibilities in machining with this exceptional machine.


    Specification VMC1370L
    Worktable size (L×W) 1400×700mm
    T-slots size (N×W×D) 5-18x110mm
    X/Y/Z axis travel 1300/700/700mm
    Machining range
    Distance from spindle center to column 750mm
    Distance from spindle nose to worktable surface 110-810mm
    Spindle taper BT40
    Spindle power 11kw
    Max. spindle speed 8000rpm
    Max. feed speed 10m/min
    Rapid feed speed (X/Y/Z) 24/24/20m/min
    Ball screw (diameter+lead)
    X/Y/Z axis ball screw 4512
    Tool magazine
    Tool magazine capacity 24T
    Max. length of tool 300mm
    Tool change time 1.5s
    Positioning accuracy (National standard)
    Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) ±0.008mm
    Re-positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) ±0.003mm
    Machine dimension
    L×W×H 3200×2540×2600mm
    Machine weight
    Max. loading of worktable 1000kg
    Machine weight 8200kg

    Main Features

    • High-rigidity design of the bed, servo, spindle, etc., enhances the extreme heavy cutting ability.
    • It has good heavy cutting ability in plane milling, boring, drilling, and tapping.
    • NTN bearing, THK/PMI/HIWIN linear guideway.
    • Taiwan ROYAL/VYUCHENG/KENTURN spindle, standard 8000 rpm.
    • BT40 spindle taper, 24t disc-type tool magazine.

    Machine details

    GSK, Fanuc, Siemens controller as optional selection

    GSK, Fanuc, Siemens controller as optional selection

    Disc Type ATC 5 Axis CNC

    Disc Type ATC

    Spindle unit BT40 of VMC

    Spindle unit BT40 of VMC

    5 Axis as Optional

    5 Axis as Optional


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