How to choose a suitable pipe threading lathe machine in China?

How to choose a suitable pipe threading lathe machine in China?

Pipe threading lathe also named pipe thread lathe, oil country lathe.It is suitable for processing all kinds of oil sleeve parts, pipe coupling parts, drill pipe joints and kinds of large diameter, super long and only need machining one end various parts.


The pipe threading lathe machine can complete cylindrical turning, inner hole, and all kinds of the screw thread, arc, cone and interior and the exterior surface of solid of revolution.

It is suitable for high-efficiency, high-volume and high-precision machining for the super-long parts of oil pipe and drill pipe joint.


Pipe threading lathe including CNC pipe threading lathe and Conventional pipe threading lathe.

The QK1343 CNC pipe threading lathe mainly used thread screw processing, capable of cutting metric and imperial cylinder and taper pipe threads.

It is suitable for oil, metallurgy, chemical, hydroelectricity, geology and other departments to process oil tube, oil pipe, casing pipe, drill pipe etc.

Features of pipe threading lathe machine

Pipe thread lathes are generally provided with a large through a hole in the spindle box. After the workpiece passes through the through-hole, it is clamped by two chucks located at both ends of the spindle for rotary motion. There are two ways to feed the cutter: one is the same as the ordinary lathe, the slide plate and the knife holder located in front of the bed are driven by the screw.The other is realized by cutting the external thread cutting the head of the flat comb knife on the slide plate in the center of the bed and moving forward.Some machine tools for processing long pipes also have workpiece support devices, such as a center frame, a tool post, and back support.


Main Specification

The diameter of the spindle bore of the pipe thread lathe is mainly 135mm ~ 500mm, the maximum turning diameter of the workpiece on the bed is 630mm ~ 1200mm, and the maximum workpiece length is 750mm ~ 15000mm.


The history of pipe threading lathe machine

With the popularization of numerical control systems, digital control of pipe thread lathes has been partially adopted. The emergence of numerically controlled pipe thread lathes has played an important role in improving machining efficiency, improving machining accuracy and reducing workers’ work intensity in the field of machining and manufacturing.

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