Postponement Notice of CCMT 2020

Postponement Notice of CCMT 2020

The arrival of the 5G era has promoted the information and communication technology to a new altitude, and has been also continuously pushing the fourth industrial revolution to develop, and has come forth the further development of digital economy. CCMT2018 decides the theme of exhibition as “Focus on–Digitalizaton•Interconnection•Intelligent Manufacturing”, highly summarizes the time characteristics and development trends of global machine tool manufacturing industry in the future, even to this day, digit, interconnection and intelligent manufacture are still the spotlight of global machine tool manufacturing industry, the CCMT2020 (the China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2020) will still follow this theme of exhibition. The progress of the times and the development of technology have constantly given new connotation and new altitude to this theme.


In response to the needs for pneumonia epidemic control of novel coronavirus infection, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has initiated the first level response mechanism for major public health emergencies. In accordance with the requirements of the Notice of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic Situation of Novel Coronavirus Infection, during the epidemic prevention and control period, people’s gathering activities should be minimized, and various large scale public activities should be cancelled.

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